Climate change anyone??

Anyone who knows my husband Brandon knows that the perfect career path for him would have something to do with vehicles! So, no surprise here, the offer he just received to work for Mercedes Benz Financial was eagerly accepted!:) And although just the sound of "Michigan" sends chills down my spine (whether in fear, or anticipation of the negative temperatures, I don't know...) I am very excited that Brandon's "work" will for him be borderline "play"!:)

Brandon will graduate with his MBA in International Business Management from Thunderbird on December 12th of this year. He will be headed out to Michigan sometime in January, and the kids and I will join him after preschool graduation on May 18th, since I previously committed to finishing off the school year. The move will be a bitter sweet as we have many good friends and memories in Arizona.. but we are excited to see what the Lord has in store for our family in the cold zone!:)


The Three Musketeers

What a blessing it has been having Landon join our family! Bailey absolutely ADORES him and would be happy to hold him all day if we let her! We have had to teach her that she isn't allowed to pick him up by herself, or kiss him for so long that he can't breathe, etc. :) Hunter is so happy to be alive that he hasn't had one moment of jealousy. He kisses with his tongue now (lol), so hopefully he won't get sick in the near future, since he'll pass it to the rest of us via slobber! Landon is doing wonderfully! He wakes up once a night to eat, which is fine by me. He's already on a perfect napping schedule for preschool (I'll go back to teaching this Thursday) so that's been a HUGE blessing as well. :)

All the kids (and mom and dad too) have enjoyed Grandma's help here! My mom has been teacher, "mom", housekeeper and cook for the past week and a half and I truly don't know what I would have done without her help!!! All in all, we are all adjusting VERY well - it's only been 1 1/2 weeks, but already we couldn't imagine life without our baby Landon! Thank you to everyone for your good wishes, prayers, and all forms of generous service you have shown to our family throughout. We love you all!!! :) *Enjoy the slideshow... they grow up SO fast! :(

Hallows Eve

Well, this past week and a half have been fun-filled and busy to say the least!:) I figured I had better post our Halloween pictures before Thanksgiving, so.. here they are! Landon and I stayed home and passed out candy while the "zookeepers" (dad & grandma) took our crazy little animals trick or treating! Although I was sad to miss it, they took some GREAT pictures so I can't complain. At least I was able to carve pumkins with the kids before the big day! ENJOY!!!:)