Music Time

After showing Bailey the footage of Hunter, her face drooped into a frown as she exclaimed, "Now where's Bailey?"... so in order to level the playing field so to speak, here is Bailey this evening after bath time, singing especially for all you blogging fans! Be impressed because she was MUCH more interested in watching herself on the screen than she was of sitting still for ease of filming!:)

House survives TWO tornados!

Well, it's official.. my house will never be "clean" again (as clean as it ever was anyways...)! Hunter has started walking, and is quite pleased with his new talent! :) Of course Bailey credits herself for his apparent step up in society. I have heard consistently throughout the day, "No Hunter! WALK with me.. you can do it buddy!". Who knew he would have numerous life coaches all under one roof?! And although he still looks drunk, it is nothing short of HILARIOUS watching his little eyes light up with every step into the unknown while his "padding" quivers with every launch forward! Hopefully this new beginning will bring my tired arms quick relief... at least until the next one arrives! :)



Hunter didn't waste any time getting personal with his birthday cake! He didn't even pretend to be modest about it! :)

Shy? What a waste of time!

My favorite shot of the two best looking men I know! Thank goodness they both belong to me!:)
Here's Bailey reuniting with the puppy we "almost" kept. :)

After much internal debate I have decided to join the "blogging community"! No promises as to the consistency of upkeep for this new endeavor, but what the heck, we'll give it a try...

So how does this work? Do I intro my family as if everyone seeing this wouldn't already know of our history? Well... Brandon and I married on June 5th 2004. We have 2 (and 1/2) LOVELY children who I dare say are quite spoiled, but of course we wouldn't have it any other way! Bailey is 2 1/2 and definitely has her daddy wrapped around her sweet and always innocent little finger... Hunter will be the big O-N-E this Friday, August 1st and is COMPLETELY boy (I wonder who he gets that from..??)! He just started walking this past week, and has the cutest drunken sailor footing I've ever seen! And then there is "Landon Steel", who is due November 10th and destined to be a super hero, or so I've been told. :)

Brandon is a student at Thunderbird School of Global Management and will graduate this December (WOO HOO!). I am a busy pregnant mom and preschool-teacher-on-summer-break with obviously not enough to do once my children are sleeping... I have posted some recent pictures of the kiddos from our vacation to Utah and Hunter's pre-birthday festivities. ENJOY!!! :)