Goodbye Arizona

Well, it's been a crazy couple of weeks (or months rather) to say the least! I have movers all around, and have just been asked to power down for packing... Just a quick note to let all of you Arizonans know that you will forever be in our hearts! I love you all and will miss you terribly! See you on the other side.. goodbye for now!:(



I made Brandon promise that if he were to take me away from Arizona, that we would get pictures of all of us in the desert first! Nathan Mayo took these and did a GREAT job!!! (Thanks again Nathan!!!) :) I sure am going to miss this place - whoever said the desert isn't BEAUTIFUL?!
This is my new favorite picture of Landon! He is getting SO big!
Poor Hunter was getting eaten alive by bugs, but was still a trooper!
...and of course Bailey took the opportunity to be a ham as usual!:)
It has been a wonderful 3 1/2 years, filled with babies, a first home and unforgettable friends! We'll miss you all as we move on to Michigan, but you'll never be forgotten!!!:)