HURRAY!!! After some VERY late nights and a LOT of hard work, "Bailey's Blossoms" is up and running on the web!:) Check it out at http://www.baileysblossoms.com/ there will be many more fun additions coming soon!:)

Bailey is almost as excited as I am.. she wakes up every morning wondering which flower will be in her hair! Too cute!!!:)


Bowels & Sunscreen

It seems as though "poop" is the theme of the month at the Hooley household! After a failed attempt to put Bailey to bed for a nap, Brandon shut her in her room... needless to say she didn't exactly fall asleep! She took off her diaper (which she only wears when sleeping) because she "didn't want to get it all dirty" and decided the floor was a better place to have the runs... then, heaven only knows how, she climbed up on her little nightstand and left a cute little puddle of urine! As if that wasn't messy enough, she proceeded to dump EVERYTHING off her bed and shelves - much of which were quite high up on her wall...

When she started calling "mommy, come help me!" I hurried into her room. Instead of yelling, I quietly turned around and walked out of her room to tell Brandon his daughter needed him.:) All the while I hear Bailey telling herself, "it's okay, it was an accident..." As Brandon started being "the dad" I grabbed the camera to document. Then we went to work cleaning up the monumental disaster! Not 2 minutes later, we spot Bailey crouching in the hallway. Brandon chased her down and found she had climbed up on the kitchen counter to retrieve a bottle of sunscreen (hence picture #1). I then had to dismiss myself to call my mom since Bailey mistakenly was taking my hysterical laughter for "cool, this is funny" and her responding giggles weren't sitting well with dads lecture... and to think this was supposed to be our day of rest! lol:)


"Bailey's Blossoms"

So after being ridiculously jealous of my new little niece's adorable hair-wear, I decided to start making some myself for Bailey. My cousin Brandi and I went to town last night and we had SO much fun making these cute little hair flower clips that I'm thinking of starting up a website to sell them! I know, I know.. like I really need one more thing to do right?? What can I say - it's a BLAST!!!:) ...and Brandon would never forgive me for the money I've spent if I didn't at least attempt to make some of it back!:)


Organ Model

This week in preschool we are learning about "The Body" and what's inside it.. Bailey was more than THRILLED to be picked as the helper to wear the organ puzzle vest.. she practically drowned in it! It was too cute I couldn't resist sharing!!!:)

The Party Scene

This past Saturday we attended Bailey's friend Peyton's 4 year birthday party. Brandon had double duty as I don't have maternity swim bottoms and thought that might be a bit inappropriate! So alas, I was once more the longing bystander... but it's not all bad news since I got some adorable pictures!:)


Load of Crap

Excuse my terminology, but in this case I find it quite appropriate... Children are to be treasured, adored and even emulated: "become even as a little child" as suggested in the scriptures. Well, I am guessing that what happened this morning is an exception to that prophecy...

Friday is my mass-cleaning day (after the traffic of preschool, my own two children, husband, and happy-to-shed-EVERYWHERE dog, it is a necessity to break a sweat towards the end of the week so I can "relax" on the 7th day!:) ...So I banished the kids and dog to the backyard early this morning after breakfast (while it isn't too hot), so I could go to town on our disaster of a kitchen while they are still in eyes view. OBVIOUSLY, watching them through a glass door isn't as effective as I had originally thought! No sooner had I started mopping the floor when I hear Hunter shrieking with delight.. the high pitched excited squeal we hear when he is so excited about something that it's bound to be a "no-no". Well, it didn't take more than half a second for me to realize I forgot a MAJOR household rule when letting the kids (especially Hunter) outside to play... I had neglected to pick up our rather large breed dogs' "piles" and now Hunter was doing the job for me!

"Holy Crap!" (no pun intended)... I ended up doing a lot more "cleaning" this morning than anticipated as I stripped my poop-smeared son in the bathtub and dumped at least 1/2 a gallon of soap all over his reeking body! Not to get graphic or anything, but it's been a while since I've cut his nails (another on my never ending "to do list"), you can only imagine how FUN it is to pick that out from each finger.. it's the closest I've been to puking throughout this entire pregnancy! :P Sadly, this wasn't Hunter's first escaped with the nasty... a few months back, Bailey forgot to flush and he was all too happy to inhale that fistful as well. GAG!

In short, fellow moms... I NEVER want to hear any of you complain because your child enjoys eating play dough, paper or even the occasional insect, booger or toenail... remember this, it could be a LOT worse!!!