A Belated Birthday

I have been putting this off trying to figure out why my scanner zooms in on Miss B's Birthday pictures to the point where you can see her brain through her left nostril and that's about it?! Apparently cooperation isn't in the agenda, so I am opting to share the only two pictures that scanned decently (they are pretty darn cute if I may say so myself!).

Miss B turned 5 in January. FIVE!!! I think I just got a new wrinkle under my left eye... We surprised her by taking her to Jeepers - a cross between Chucky Cheese and an indoor kids theme park at the mall here. It was SO much fun!

The Hubster opted to take Miss B, Mr H and Sir L on the biggest ride FIRST. Since it was only two to a row, Miss B and Mr H had to sit by themselves with no mommy or daddy to help them be brave.. Mr H now has a phobia of all rides and refused to go on any more. Miss B loved every ride accept that one (she cried if we got too close to it). Sir L on the other hand couldn't have cared less (granted he was the one sitting by dad)! He went on whatever we told him to. He was emotionless about the whole thing - didn't get scared or excited.. not sure if he's just super tough, or if I should be worried about that.. All in all it was a GREAT day!

I am SO thankful for this sweet girl. She is truly my saving grace! She is the most responsible 5 going on 16 year old you'll ever meet! ;) I think she thinks the baby sitters are actually her friends (not sure how she'll take the news when she finds out I pay them to come over?? lol). On numerous occasions she'll change Princess P's diaper and get her dressed in the morning before I even know they're awake! She is my ears, eyes, and many times, brain! She loves music, animals, dressing up, and dreaming about getting married and having babies (YIKES!). :) Always good for a laugh, and in tune enough to know when you could use a hug.. I have been one SPOILED mom with her for a daughter! I love you sweet girl!!! :)

"Just touch your elbow!"

BOYS.. as a youth I never quite understood them. As an adult, I REEEALLY don't understand them! Now that I'm a mother of two adorable, charming, cuddly, crazy, messy, destructive and yet still "perfect" sons, I am anticipating wisdom coming my way any day now.

Hunter is 3 1/2, and after a few failed potty training attempts which included peeing on the front window and a call from a neighbor telling me my "napping" son was bearing all standing tall and proud in his bedroom windowsill (what is it with boys and windows?!), he has been the proud owner of underpants for a few months.

Something about the new found freedom of underpants has him "fiddling" more than ever these days... drives his mom C.R.A.Z.Y.!!! I've yet to determine the cause of this phenomenon.. perhaps he's just making sure his little buddy is still in tact, or maybe he just likes the look on my face and the extra attention it gets him?? Either way.. NOT cool (or sanitary!) little man! After embarrassing mom one too many times (like making the poor missionaries in our ward turn redder than a chili pepper, and giving Grandma and Grandpa an eyeful on Skype), I decided to take a more desperate approach: "Hunter, bud.. privates are not for touching. If you feel the need to touch something, just touch your elbow."... Seems pretty fool proof right?? Accept now I have a little boy walking around all day with his hand on his elbow, a distraut look on his face, and swiveling his hips around like he's got ants in his pants! Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking this may be a tad bit more difficult to explain at the grocery store...