The Big Six

When we went in to sing to Sir L on the morning of his 6th birthday (in October, ha!) I was quite surprised to see him up, dressed and waiting excitedly in bed for us :)  Not sure how long he had been "ready", but he was EXCITED!! :)
As one with zero artistic talent, he is always surprising me with his! :)  He is our little artist, and loves books, so a book about art was a HUGE hit!
Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to get a decent picture of an energetic 6yr old, in low light?? lol, Never a dull moment..
..yes we (aka the kids) stuck the candles back in a few times for photos sake..
Books about animals (another of his favorite subjects!), a remote control car, art supplies, and a marble run were among the evening fun..
But the REAL fun surrounding his "big six" was when his friends showed up earlier that weekend!...  We had a full blown Halloween costume party in his honor.  Everyone carved their own pumpkins,
While my amazing husband set up the donuts, which by the way take MUCH longer to do than I had anticipated!
..and sweet boys played with Charming C for me. :)
There was plenty of fun food and friends to go around :)
 When the donuts were finally ready, it was my most favorite part! lol..
I spy a cheater!  But he's the birthday boy so I let it slide ;)
Just in case that wasn't enough sugar, we also had some fabulous cupcakes ready!
And I choked back proud mommy tears realizing how big this sweet boy of mine has gotten!
Talk about a fun group of friends..
After the sun started to set we brought everyone inside and set up a dance hall in our family room turned mega stage with mini strobe lights, black lights, a smoke machine which I'm pretty sure isn't supposed to be confined indoors (oops!), and enough kid approved Halloween dance hits to make any adults head throb.  It truly was a super fun day worthy of a super fun kid! :)  Happy "Big Six" to my charismatic little heart throb!  Until next year..