Dirty Feet

When we first arrived in Brazil almost 4 weeks ago, we walked into our new apartment and got our first taste of city pollution.  All over the floor there was black dust.. almost like soot, and it covered our feet in minutes.  So, I did what any natural mom/homemaker would, and I went to town cleaning the place!  It had just been cleaned too, but I assumed myself and whoever cleaned it originally had very different ideas of what "clean" is.  Boy was I wrong!  Turns out you have to mop your floor daily if you want to keep this guck off your feet.  Not sure about any of you, but I just don't have that much extra time on my hands (or desire really)!
What to do, what to do?  Enter Amazing V.  After MUCH debate (and my setting aside some major pride - realizing that you aren't a failure if you accept help was a hard concept for me to grasp!), we decided to go Brazilian and hire a full-time housekeeper.  She officially started today after a test run last Friday and may I say.. WOW!  For the first time in my mommy life, I get to be what I originally thought I signed up for.. a MOM!  Instead of getting out craft materials to keep the kids busy so I can get everything done, I am doing crafts WITH them.  Amazing.  It's incredible what an endlessly clean house does to your spirits!  The kids and I were able to play and just be together, which is quite easy when you don't have to stress about an endless to-do list.  Now THIS is being a mom!

Amazing V already feels like a part of the family to me.  She ADORES the kids, and they LOVE her!  Since she doesn't speak English, we are already mastering charades and she is helping me practice Portuguese.  I tell you she can find dirt in places I never would have known to look.. truly.  I sense the begining of a long and fruitful relationship!  She's also providing handsome hubby and I with a date night once a week!  EU AMO O BRASIL!!! :)


  1. Oh my goodness, and you have WHITE furniture!!! Sounds like a housekeeer couldn't have been a better choice! =)

  2. Beware-you will never be able to go back to NOT having a house cleaner....I have tried and now it is just part of our budget! So does she live with you? It sounds like she is there alll the time. SOOOOO nice!


  3. I KNOW IT! I am becomming one SPOILED mama! ;)

  4. Are this your kids?

  5. The girl second from the left has feet that look like my kids. Mine only wear shoes for school, any other time they are barefoot. It’s normal for them to get dirty and the bottoms of their feet soon toughen up. I used to care about them looking dirty, but it’s no different than the bottoms of their shoes if they wore them. Its normal for the bottoms and toes (if they kneel down) to get dirty and black, you’ll get used to it.