Before you think to yourself that this was a waste of blogger space and valuable time, consider this:  In my world, there is water, and there is milk.  That's all.  "Tickly juice" aka pop/soda is not something I particularly enjoy (unless I have a major headache), and juice in general makes me feel sick and desperate for a toothbrush.  That being said, I DO crave a good glass of fresh orange juice like any person with good taste.  But aside from the occasional morning OJ, I am very loyal to my main two squeezes!

Enter Sao Paulo.  Where milk comes in boxes that have a nervously long shelf life and don't need to be refrigerated until opened.  Does it taste the same?  I think not.  Disguised in a bowl of cereal it's definitely manageable, but the real question is this:  "Is it chug worthy?"  We're talking the kind of milk you want so badly that you can't possibly take the time to pour it in a glass.  Rip off the top and get 'er done milk!  Sadly, boxed milk just doesn't doesn't cut it for me.  I tried it in all it's many forms (whole, light, skim) and about half a dozen different brands too.  Just when I thought all hope was lost, I spotted it.  In a teensy little section in the refrigerated isle.  Liter jugs of REFRIGERATED milk!  Could this be it?  I wasn't sure.  I bought only two liters just in case and sped home trying not to get too excited if it turned out it wasn't MY milk.  I ripped of the top and took a tiny sip preparing for the worst, but the worst never came.  I tell you my heart RACED as I chugged 1/2 the bottle and forced myself to save the rest.  Is it more expensive?  Yes.  Is it worth every penny?  YES!  My boys and Princess P LOVE the boxed milk.  Kudos to them.  As for me, Miss B and adored hubby.. we shall drink the jugs.  And we'll enjoy every last drop!  THIS is milk the way it was meant to be!!!  (*This is NOT a paid advertisement.  However if Xando wanted to use this, I'd be flattered! ;) ...sorry Parmalat.  No hard feelings.)
In the SAME shopping trip, and almost as important, I was also able to communicate well enough to get lunch meat (okay, really I played charades and asked 5 or so people if they spoke English so they could help me get lunch meat, but, who cares?!).  Sliced turkey breast that I thought I'd never see again.  Straight from the deli might I add!  I asked for 1.5 kilos but they looked at me like I asked them to catch a stray and give me it's hind quarters so I could feed it to my children raw.  Turns out Brazilians don't eat that much sliced meat.  I see packages with literally 6 slices of super thin meat displayed all pretty and all I can think is.. dude, that would make like, HALF a sandwich in my house!  They ended up giving me half a kilo, sure that I couldn't possibly want 1.5 kilos.  I figured I'd take it and make sure it was good first anyways...  Peyton beat me to the punch.  Somehow in the cart she opened the package and went to town!  Apparently she's been missing sliced turkey breast too.  Milk AND turkey breast?!  What more could a girl want?  (Okay, maybe some chocolate, but now I'm just sounding like a spoiled Americano!)  I say this was one successful shopping trip! :)
*Notice the price label.  Does that say R$14,99 for .5 kilo??  Why yes it does.  But that my friends, is a whole other post!


  1. SO PROUD of you for finding real milk! That, my girl, is quite the feat....and well worth posting about!! Hooray for refrigeration!!! :0)

  2. I never got used to the milk in Brazil. I could only handle powdered milk in smoothies in the morning, simply because I forced myself to take in the calcium.

    Have you tried the yogurt yet?! So much runnier and so much sweeter. It comes in little bags that you basically drink it out of. Yummy! I hated yogurt before my mission and Brazil broke me of my yogurt hatred. ;)

  3. That's awesome Keri! Miss B would say the boxed milk "isn't my favorite, but I'll drink it so my bones don't turn into noodles.." lol, needless to say she drinks the good stuff with me now!

    We buy the yogurt cups for the kids or the yogurt in the pitchers.. either way we make them drink it with a straw because spoons and runny yogurt = a HUUUGE mess! lol

  4. kkk I find it very funny post! Good luck, hope everything works out for you here in Brazil =)