Feeling Adventurous

Yesterday we embarked on an adventure.. OUT of the main city!  SOO daring of us, I know!  About 1.5hrs away from us lies the Atlantic coastline.  We went to one of the many beaches available to us and fell utterly in love!  The drive through the mountains to get there was superb.  The crowds were definitely manageable.  The sand?  Like silk I tell you!  And the water beautifully clear.  Why it's taken us 3 1/2 weeks to adventure out here is beyond me!  ..Okay, I admit it, I was nervous about scantily clad women bearing down (and baring all!) on us, but really, after I scoped out an "innocent" family friendly location we didn't have any issues.  No nervous, self conscious daughters.  No peering, overly attentive sons.  Just LOTS of time for one another!  Smell that?  That would be the sweet aroma of SUCCESS!!!
After about 5 minutes of letting the water tickle our toes, Princess P was taken out by a wave!  To make matter worse, her horrid mother forgot her swimsuit.. BAD MOM! :(  Needless to say she was less than impressed with the ocean.  That, coupled with a saggy daiper and clingy wet clothes = a less than adventurous little girl!
The poor thing was happy to sit and watch with me for a bit after that spill!  *Don't mind sir Speedo in the back.. Bem-vindo ao Brasil! ;)
The boys ran to and from the waves for over an hour!  They had so much fun together, my cheeks hurt from smiling as I watched them go back and forth!
Miss B of course, made a friend right away.  If I could bottle up diversity and keep it in my living room to stare at, I WOULD!  I love that they can't even communicate, but who needs to talk when you can just play?!
 An amazing view of the city created the ultimate backdrop for an awesome day!
Sir L was all smiles and had quite the crowd cooing after him.  "OI!  Que lindo!!!  Lindo, lindo, LINDO!  Tchau lindo!"
My wonderful hubby was AMAZING with the kids and somehow kept everyone from drowning pretty much solo as I took the pictures and laughed. :)  What a good man!
Princess P slowly started testing out the water again until she was sure it wouldn't take her feet out from under her!
Once she was certain she was in control once more, she was OFF!
Seeing that it is "winter" here I opted out of bringing a swimsuit.  I even had on a sweater at one point!  But after an hour of perfect mid-80 degree weather, I ditched the long sleeves.  Still a little too cold for me to want to jump in the water, but the kids sure didn't mind!
 We took minor breaks from the ocean to play in the silky sand.
It was a PERFECT day, topped off with a cherry on the way home.. well really it was a tooth. ;)  Miss B is officially growing up whether I approve or not!


  1. What beach was it?? Eu amo Brasilll!!! Kelli

  2. Guaranja.. I think I'm spelling that right?? ;) It was FABULOUS!

  3. Guaruja? Looks like we missed a super fun outing - at least the car panned out for us. Let's put another beach outing on the docket asap! I totally missed seeing Bailey's toothless grin today, but the picture is adorable! And thanks again for topping off your adventurous day with some service. We really enjoyed our date.

  4. YES! Thanks Steph :) Anytime on the babysitting.. as long as I can watch more home videos ;) lol I am TOTALLY up for another beach run!

  5. The beach looks amazing!! It is so nice that you are close enough to go to the beach. Im sure there will be more outings to the beach in the future!

    Miss B looks so grown up!!