Misc Moments

I couldn't help but share these cute pictures.. no rhyme or reason to them, they're just fun!:) Here's a picture of the kids all ready for church this morning. Doesn't the blue bumbo add a nice touch?:P
And again with the infamous bumbo chair.. Landon is becomming quite the little flirt!:)
One can only guess how this happened.. who knew nap time would turn into Bailey's first cliff hanging simulator?? And by her jean skirt too - impressive!
I love this mini-me picture.. everyone has to get a picture of their children wearing something of their own! Since I wore my moms shoe, I opted for something a little different!

Breathing Deep

On Friday, the kids and I decided to re-engage in our social lives and go to our church's play group at the park. While there, I noticed Hunter's breathing was becomming labored and he started to wheeze. Having three children, and never experiencing that sound, I was a bit alarmed and called our pediatrician. We were advised to come to the office immediately.

Bailey went to her friend Shyanne's house to play so I could fully focus on the task at hand.. two breathing treatments later and we were sent home with a machine of our own. Although at this point he has not been diagnozed with asthma, the attack he had was the same. Hopefully we won't need to deal with this again... though Hunter doesn't seem to mind it at all!