Misc Moments

I couldn't help but share these cute pictures.. no rhyme or reason to them, they're just fun!:) Here's a picture of the kids all ready for church this morning. Doesn't the blue bumbo add a nice touch?:P
And again with the infamous bumbo chair.. Landon is becomming quite the little flirt!:)
One can only guess how this happened.. who knew nap time would turn into Bailey's first cliff hanging simulator?? And by her jean skirt too - impressive!
I love this mini-me picture.. everyone has to get a picture of their children wearing something of their own! Since I wore my moms shoe, I opted for something a little different!


  1. ADORABLE, as always!!! The second picture of Landon (by himself) looks a bit like Hunter as well as a LOT like Bailey. I MISS MY GRANDKIDS!!! :0(

  2. Those pictures are adoreable! you sure are super mom doing everything! I hope your kids are starting to feel better. It was great chatting with you last night, we need to do that more often. Love you all!

  3. Now I see that Landon does look ALOT like Bailey! Cute kids!

  4. I still can't believe you have 3 kids! And, now with Brandon gone...you area strong woman! I know I would have melted down a long time ago! Still just have two, and NONE on the way!