Landon Norris Hooley

Great news from Arizona... Landon Norris arrived at 10:51am this morning after a very short labor totalling a whopping 2.5 hrs (no complaints here!) 3 pushes and he was out! The only negative was that the epidural couldn't keep up, so I felt a bit more than I wanted to... but it was all worth it when I saw his sweet face - he looks SO much like Bailey!

He was born on my dads birthday, hence the middle name change from 'Steel' to 'Norris' which is my fathers middle name.:) He weighs 8lbs and is 20 1/4 inches long.. not bad for an early delivery, he's VERY happy and healthy! Bailey is SO proud and Hunter is an excited bundle of energy and destruction!!!:) Both Landon and I are doing very well and are excited to go home tomorrow afternoon!



YES!!! It's time... it's taken me by surprise I'll admit, but it is time! I am writing from my hospital bed. Today when I went in for my doctors appointment, Landon's heart rate dropped slightly. The biophysical ultrasound that followed came back normal, and the non-stress test was "neither good nor bad" (whatever that means).

So, long story short, since it wasn't as "good" as it could have been, my doctor has suggested that I deliver first thing in the morning! He said he would rather be safe than sorry, and get the baby out just in case. My mom is on her way and I am excited to have Landon share a birthday with my dad!:)

More news (and pictures) will come shortly, I just wanted to let you know that Landon is on his way!!! (As of this afternoon, I am 80% effaced and 3cm dialated). Well, I hope everyone has enough sleep tonight for the both of us, as I'll be monitored all night.. WOO HOO!!!:)


Dress Up

Hunter discovered my preschool dress-up chest this morning for the first time with real interest! He asked Brandon to help him get dressed by handing him the costume pieces and excitedly bouncing up and down.:) Our little policeman/firefighter, and SO proud of it too!:) I guess we won't have any trouble getting him into his Halloween costume this year!:)



Last Christmas, my mom gave Bailey a Disney Princess bike... tried as we might, Bailey would ride with her legs hanging straight, not even touching the pedals, with us "pushing" her around. I got a little nervous, thinking that she would never learn to ride if she thought that being pushed was the way a bike was supposed to work! Well, today my fears have been put to rest! With the BEAUTIFUL Arizona weather we've been having lately, Brandon and I decided to get the bike out again and see if Bailey would at least try to pedal... and vwalla... SUCCESS!!! It was a bitter-sweet I'll admit, seeing my little girl grow up!:( She rode around the neighborhood for a good 30 minutes and wasn't too happy when we told her we had to go inside to eat dinner! All in all, a VERY proud day for mom and dad!:) GOOD JOB BAILEY!!!


How could I not?

Every once in a while, a child who doesn't particularly "enjoy" being in front of the camera actually gives you a REAL smile at the precise moment you need it!:) Today, we had one of those rare moments.. and of COURSE I had to share it!!!

Oh, and yes Bailey's hair is naturally curly.. just not THAT naturally curly! She asked me to put foam rollers in her hair last night.:)


A blast from the past...

I dare you to tell me you've never seen (or at least heard reference to) the LDS movie "Saturday's Warriors". I grew up on this cheesy musical and I dare say it should be labeled a classic of our time!:) Well, if you don't, at least Bailey agrees with me.. she has decided that her new favorite movie is Saturday's Warriors. I don't know what it is, maybe the music and dancing? But she will watch it over and over and OVER again! She knows every word to every song and scene - it's adorable!:) And even with it's 80's style and over-acting theatrics, it still manages to make me cry! Now I'm more than happy to say that Bailey enjoys it just as much, if not more than me, so Brandon is out voted on which movie we watch EVERY Sunday, and now EVERYDAY!!! lol:)