Last Christmas, my mom gave Bailey a Disney Princess bike... tried as we might, Bailey would ride with her legs hanging straight, not even touching the pedals, with us "pushing" her around. I got a little nervous, thinking that she would never learn to ride if she thought that being pushed was the way a bike was supposed to work! Well, today my fears have been put to rest! With the BEAUTIFUL Arizona weather we've been having lately, Brandon and I decided to get the bike out again and see if Bailey would at least try to pedal... and vwalla... SUCCESS!!! It was a bitter-sweet I'll admit, seeing my little girl grow up!:( She rode around the neighborhood for a good 30 minutes and wasn't too happy when we told her we had to go inside to eat dinner! All in all, a VERY proud day for mom and dad!:) GOOD JOB BAILEY!!!


  1. How exciting!! Isn't is so much fun watching them accomplish something. I love it!

  2. I'm sad- the first video isn't working for some reason! That's so cute. I love her elbow pads! ha ha you're such a cute mom!

  3. He is sooo cute! Just think you will be having another one of those little kids running around the house :)