Where's the frosting?!

So I've diagnosed myself with selective OCD.. my hangers are color-coordinated, my DVDs are in alphabetical order, and I am constantly organizing and re-organizing my pantry and refrigerator. That being said, I LOATHE cleaning the bathrooms and microwaves, and I never make my bed. Granted I wake up anywhere from 4-5am for seminary each morning, so making the bed would consist of kicking my hubby out first which I think is cruel.. and I blame my lack of enthusiasm over microwaves and bathrooms to working in a deli for a number of years where there was an abundance in opportunities to do just that. Needless to say, I think I've made my lifetime quota in those areas! ;)
ANYWAYS, today as I was re organizing my fridge, I found a jar of chocolate frosting. There was only 1/3 of it left. Too much to throw away, too much for me to eat alone and still feel decent at days end! So, naturally, I called my kids in! :) They eat the frosting for me so I don't "have to", AND I help convince them that their mom rocks! ;) Miss B and Mr H (Sir L was resting in his room) happily took their over sized "Daddy" spoons and the jar and went to work! Once Mr H realized the scoopfuls were less than huge, he lost interest and went merrily on his way. Miss B kept at it.. Now, I LOVE chocolate I'll admit, but I have never, EVER seen a frosting jar THIS clean, unless it's gone through a dishwasher... THAT'S MY GIRL!!! :)
I mean truly, have you ever seen such a beautifully licked jar?! "Where's the frosting?!" I said laughing.. "What did you say mom??" came her sweet reply.. she walked around the corner and I busted up again! :) I LOVE this girl!!!


Dinner AND a Show!

I gave up hope for a quite, peaceful family dinner about 2 or 3 kids ago, but yesterday evening definitely took the cake!

Being both a Fast Sunday and daylight savings, by the time we all returned home from church, Brandon and I were VERY hungry. I had planned ahead and put chicken in the crock pot which was ready to shred when we walked through the door. We turned on a Sunday movie for the crazies and Brandon and I went to work prepping dinner for Hawaiian Haystacks (YUM!). We called the kids in and all sat down for what was sure to be a picture-perfect family dinner!

We blessed the food, and had been eating for about .2 seconds when we heard what sounded like water spilling on the floor. Landon and Hunter (the usual culprits) didn't have open glasses on hand, so we didn't know where the sound was coming from until we heard Bailey timidly say, "Ooops.. I think I had an accident. I'm sorry mommy and daddy.." Well, you just can't get mad at that sweet little face, and, we understand that accidents happen! I told her it was alright and to just go upstairs and change her pants. When she was finished, she could bring a towel down to wipe up her mess (she's 4 1/2 and quite capable of cleaning up after herself, so we left it be until she returned). She complied and went upstairs.
I then caught a glimpse of Landon who was chewing up his food and spitting it on the floor. Apparently it was good enough to taste, but not enough to swallow?! Brandon and I simultaneously chastised him for his lack of manners. I then turned to Brandon to give him my "What the heck?! Did he really just do that??" look, when I noticed Hunter... Amidst the commotion he took it upon himself to strip down. He was standing on his chair with only his shirt on, with one leg up on the table, slightly leaning back (pelvis forward) as if to say "Ah yeah, look at me, I'm a boy!". Well, as cute as I might think my kids are in their naked form (don't judge - you know you think your kids are cute too!), that was a little more "BOY" than I was hoping to see while eating my dinner! Brandon and I tried to chastise him, but all we could do was laugh!
Once we calmed ourselves down enough to cover up his display of "manhood", we heard splashes.. this time I knew EXACTLY where it was coming from and I looked under the table to find Landon on the floor playing in Bailey's puddle! For real?! It was one of those moments where you can laugh or you cry.. Brandon and I chose to do both! After everyone was cleaned and re-dressed, we stuck everyone in their car seats, took a nice Sunday drive and laughed over all of our little "blessings"! :D
Ironically, it will go down as one of the most fun family-bonding Sunday afternoons to date - pee, child anatomy and all! ;)

On a different note, last Monday a girlfriend of mine helped us take some family pictures for our Christmas cards this year. Here are a few of our favorite, more "put together" moments!..