Where's the frosting?!

So I've diagnosed myself with selective OCD.. my hangers are color-coordinated, my DVDs are in alphabetical order, and I am constantly organizing and re-organizing my pantry and refrigerator. That being said, I LOATHE cleaning the bathrooms and microwaves, and I never make my bed. Granted I wake up anywhere from 4-5am for seminary each morning, so making the bed would consist of kicking my hubby out first which I think is cruel.. and I blame my lack of enthusiasm over microwaves and bathrooms to working in a deli for a number of years where there was an abundance in opportunities to do just that. Needless to say, I think I've made my lifetime quota in those areas! ;)
ANYWAYS, today as I was re organizing my fridge, I found a jar of chocolate frosting. There was only 1/3 of it left. Too much to throw away, too much for me to eat alone and still feel decent at days end! So, naturally, I called my kids in! :) They eat the frosting for me so I don't "have to", AND I help convince them that their mom rocks! ;) Miss B and Mr H (Sir L was resting in his room) happily took their over sized "Daddy" spoons and the jar and went to work! Once Mr H realized the scoopfuls were less than huge, he lost interest and went merrily on his way. Miss B kept at it.. Now, I LOVE chocolate I'll admit, but I have never, EVER seen a frosting jar THIS clean, unless it's gone through a dishwasher... THAT'S MY GIRL!!! :)
I mean truly, have you ever seen such a beautifully licked jar?! "Where's the frosting?!" I said laughing.. "What did you say mom??" came her sweet reply.. she walked around the corner and I busted up again! :) I LOVE this girl!!!


  1. I am pretty sure you always made me clean the bathroom at the deli...

  2. Come clean, Erin. Did you lick the frosting off of that cute face?!?!?