And then you blink..

This crazy little ball of adorable is 3!  With his coy little mischievous grin and knack for teamed up trouble with his little side kick, Marshall, he has us smitten in all his little lovey ways!
Channing simply ADORES his big brother!
Bailey has always been the little mother hen to this bow - always showering him with love and affection!
..because what little boy doesn't dream of "Giant Monkey's"?! ;)
We are still working on the pedaling aspect of his new ride, but until then, Peyton & Landon LOVE to play on his new bike! lol
It's amazing - just when you think your heart is so full of love it couldn't possibly hold any more, it expands right within you, and you are, once again, proven wrong!  Channing is a bull dozer who will take you out with no mercy, then shower you with the sweetest of kisses! Oh how I LOVE this boy!!


I used to teach seminary (which is a type of a bible study class for youth in our church ages 14-18), back when we lived in Michigan.  There was a darling young woman named Allie who was always giggly and silly, and I simply ADORED her!  Well, that "young woman" is now officially a WOMAN, and getting married!  She contacted me and asked me if I would be willing to take her engagement photos, as her fiance is from Dallas and they'd be in the area.  Of course I said yes, even though I suddenly feel incredibly ancient!  They were absolutely adorable and it was such a pleasure to take their photos!  Engagements were a first for me, but regardless, I think we got some great material out of the morning - especially considering it was 28 degrees outside .. They were quite the troopers! :P