Lover Boy

I suppose it's my own fault.  Most everything usually is..  I am a kisser.  There, I said it!  When my mom tried to get a post engagement picture of Handsome (soon-to-be) Hubby and I, she had to tell us to back off a bit because we looked a little too "in love"..
 There.  That's better!
Not much has changed in 7 1/2 years of marriage.  Okay, A LOT has changed, but what I mean is, I'm still a kisser.  I love to give kisses.  I love to get kisses. 
There is nothing more fun than kissing a new baby because they open their mouths and you can give them a little kiss and it echoes. I'm not I freak I swear. It's adorable! When each of my kids has exited the womb they have been immediately bombarded with kisses (well, bathed, and THEN bombarded)!  So is it any wonder that I have created a bunch of smoochers??  Like I said, it's my own fault.  But one child in particular especially loves a good lip smack.  Enter Mr. H, living proof that flirts are born, not made!
Whether you are ready or not, human or unsuspecting creature, this kid has a pucker ready and waiting for you!
He has gone through many phases of kissing including uncomfortably long and lingering, tongue out, fishy kissing, and 20 or more consecutive speed kisses, all of which have put us in the scrutinizing public eye at least once or twice.  (I promise, we aren't one of THOOOSE families!)  Airports, church, the grocery store.. you never know when he's going to plant one on you! 
I just can't help it, this little man comes running at you with this... how could anyone possibly refuse??
Mr H. started school this year along with Miss B.  It has been incredible watching him learn and grow socially!  I L-O-V-E having 4 small kids (ages 5 and under), but one drawback is that they don't necessarily "need" friends.  A pro and a con I'll admit.. they play so well together - for the most part.  For the longest time whenever we would go anywhere they would be joined at the hip and never adventure out or care to make friends with the other kids.  It was like the "Hooley gang".  Strictly exclusive apparently!  Now that my two eldest have been separated in school it has forced them out of their little safety net comfort zones.  Although sad at times to see them be uncomfortable, I also know these experiences are crucial for them to be healthy functioning individuals for the remainder of their mortal lives!

Mr H. has fallen for Brazil.  Hard!  He loves the culture, he loves the people.. okay, really he loves the WOMEN!  Handshakes are for distant and detached Americanos, KISSES are for open and friendly Brasileira!  And that, is right up lover boys ally!!!
He's a flirt, and a good one too!  I pick him up from school and watch all the female teachers coo at him as he blows them kisses out the window, and of course, because it's Brazil, they blow them right back!  He gets a kiss on the cheek in the morning from his Amazing V (our embregada), his teachers at school, even my Portuguese tutor!  He is in heaven to say the least!  Oooh the disappointment that is sure to come when we head back to the States where people are so concerned they'll be seen as inappropriate or labeled a creeper or petafile that they don't even smile at your kids.. :(  Why can't we all just be loving and kind people?  Is it naive to want to live in a world where people can greet with a kiss and aren't perverse??  It works for Brazilians after all! ;)
Just for kicks.. here's a good ole blast from the past when we lived in sunny Arizona.  He was 18months old here :)


  1. I like it. I think the most common thing here in Brazil to greet friends and family is giving kisses and hugs, people rarely use handshakes, it would be very impersonal. =P

  2. What a little cutie!! I love him!!! He looks so grown up in his more recent pictures. You have adoreable kids.

  3. I also love how he puckers up with little fish lips. SO CUTE!!!

  4. Thanks guys! :) I think we'll keep him around.. heaven knows I could always use a good snuggle every now and then!