A new perspective

A picture is worth a thousand words.. or so I hear!  I am just getting into photography.  I have always loved it, but never had (or rather MADE) the time to learn it..  okay, and I always had a piece of junk camera too which doesn't help much!  Brandon went back to the States for business last week and brought home a bunch of goodies including my new Nikon D7000 which is technically for Christmas, but I married a softy! :)  So, don't judge, but these are the first shots right out of the box!  The thing was on automatic which is an insult I know, but I'll learn! :)

This is a shot of our view.  Not too shabby given it was taken out of my dirty window!
A stalker shot. I zoomed in on the main pool area.. VERY enlightening how easy it was to get so close!  I guess even when you're alone, you're not!  eeek!
We have a black swan in one of the ponds on our ground who has been sitting on a nest full of eggs for a couple of weeks now.  I can't wait to see little "ugly ducklings"! :)
A view of some of the buildings in our complex.  We are in the middle building you see with the tree blocking the right corner of it.
 Hunter with his sweet impish grin! :)
 Landon, Peyton and I took a nature walk.. they were watching the swans here.
 Crazy Peyton.  SOO much personality for such a little thing! lol
We went to the main pool (pictured up top) with a friend of mine's son.. Peyton and Landon were more content to eat than swim!
Until that is, Landon got distracted by this poor unsuspecting creature!
Peyton wasn't distracted in the slightest!  She just took the opportunity to inhale as much as humanly possible while her brother was away!
Don't bother me, I'm eating!
 I got some fun action shots of the kids and their endless amounts of energy jumping in the pool. :)
I don't know why ,but I LOVE this!  It looks fake to me with every splash of water being so crazy defined!
This isn't a great shot, just sentimental and fun.  This is for Gma De Groot.. another little floater :)  She layed in the water for about 5 minutes like this!
 Awww the many faces of Bailey.  I sure do love these crazy kids! :)
More pictures to come as I figure out how to use this amazing beast! 


  1. It is so beautiful out there!! Your kids are adoreable. I can't believe how big Peyton is getting. I haven't even met that little darling yet. We love you guys!!

  2. I am so excited for you with your new camera! I am still learning to use mine...you are doing a great job keep on practicing! I love to see all the cute pictures, miss you guys so very much!!

  3. AHHH!!!! Best present!!!! That water shot is AWESOME!!!!!! The lighting through the drops is soooo cool too! I love photography but haven't made time to learn all the buttons and stops. You have great pics even on auto (that is all I know how to do as well). ;) I love your posts. So fun!

  4. LOVE the cute pictures!! GO PEYTON....already a floater! :0)
    Next summer we'll have her swimming for sure! Love and miss you all! Hugs and kisses!!!