I love me a good pair of uber cute shoes!  Pumps, boots, wedges.. I don't care - just make them a size 8 please and price them at or below $25 (more for boots I'll admit), and I'm sold!  I never did understand the shoe fetish with women, until that is, I had children.  I then clued in to the most amazing thing ever.. your "size" may change everywhere else, but feet are FAITHFUL!  I love me a good pair of faithful feet! :)  I also love me a good set of matching tupperware containers (as you can see by this glimpse into my closet), but alas, that love story is for a different day..
"Betrayal" is an ugly word. It brings with it feelings of agony, pain and embarrassment. But the truth can be ugly at times, so this is me swallowing my pride. And for what?  Because I may not even know you, but I feel strangely connected to you anyways.  And because I figure you may need a good laugh, even if it is at my expense...
So Sir L and I headed to Carrefour (pronounced "cah-he-foo"), a local grocery store chain much like WalMart, but without the exported-from-China prices. Anyhoo, we were going about our normal business and roaming the aisles in search for BBQ sauce for my beloved hubby.  I went down the aisle that had mayo and ketchup, figuring it to be a good bet, when the newly polished floor and my shoes decided to have a dispute.  It was more like an all out battle to the death actually, and I was sadly stuck in the middle.  4 store employees and 2 customers watched with utter confusion as my feet were ripped out from underneath me and I slid to the floor.  What did my darling of a son do?  Did he rush to the aid of his loving mother?  Yeah.. that would be a no.  He laughed so hard his pacifier popped out of his mouth and rolled across the floor (don't judge me, he loves that stupid thing!).  I wanted to get up and say something witty, but alas I have been so absorbed in the basic necessities of the language that I forgot to study the "how to save face" section (silly me!).  So I jumped up as quickly as I could without going back down again, and nervously giggled until I was out of sight from the bewildered employees who most likely only kept it together for fear of being fired.

The culprit:
When I arrived home I relayed the experience to Amazing V who then taught me a VERY important word when holding up these unsuspected traitors: Perigoso. Aka "dangerous". Nuff said. Whoever said cute shoes were classy has never taken a dive in them before. Out goes the class, when you fall on your, uh.. rear! So, in honor of yours truly (that would be me), please watch the following clip and mentally insert my face (as well as an additional 50 or so lbs!). Thank you, and have a safe, flat-shoed day.


  1. You know Erin, you really have to ask Beth about her fall at the gas station...H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!!!
    And I only heard it 2nd hand from her.

  2. I feel your pain beauty hurts and i love a great pair of heals as much as the next mama.
    But I can say I have probably never worn them to Walmart. There is a risk factor there of chasing kids or bending down to examine things, etc.
    You are brave and beautiful thanks for taking one for the team.

    If must know you are not alone in the world......


  3. LOL, I am having the hubby pick me up some flats in the US.. just in case ;)