Stolen Carseats & Baby Blessings

This past Friday, Peyton turned the big 6-weeks! As Excited I was for her reaching yet another milestone, the 6 week mark isn't my most favorite because it comes with a certain appointment that I absolutely HATE! You see, I ENDURE the evasion of privacy throughout the pregnancy because I know I'm getting a prize at the end.. at the 6 week check up, there is no prize. You just feel violated.

Brandon had been out of town all week on business, and was coming home that evening, and not a moment too soon! I called him afterwards, emotional, and asked him when he'd be home. "Another hour".. :( So, I opted to go to Target with the kids to pass the time more quickly and keep me from having my 6 week cry. FINALLY, it was time to load everyone up and go home to get a much needed hug from Brandon.

The kids started shuffling into the car, and Bailey yells, "Mom! Our seat belts!" What?! Sure enough, I looked into the car and both Bailey and Hunter's booster seats were gone! ..first things first, I SWEAR I locked the car! And second, whoever swiped them must not have kids, because they would have known that Landon's Alpha Omega Elite costs at least 4 times as much as Bailey and Hunter's booster chairs! Maybe they are going to sell them on craigslist.. how desperate is this world getting? Oh man.. Brandon's going to kill me! How could I have forgotten to lock the... and that's when I saw them: 2 dozen of the most stunning roses I've ever seen, right smack on my front seat! It was pouring rain outside, and in my rush to get everyone in the car, I didn't notice my adorable hubby hiding in his car, parked right behind mine.
I never had my 6 week cry. Rather, we called a sitter and had a FANTASTIC date at an awesome Mexican restaurant! And even though they were fresh out of Chile Relleno's, it was the most perfect evening one could have asked for. :) I have the best husband ever.
TODAY, that wonderful husband blessed Peyton in church. It was a beautiful blessing, for a beautiful daughter! One of those "mommy payday" days.. complete with a home made photo shoot afterwards (the morning session, trying to get a family shot, was a bit crazy)!


Maybe Tomorrow Mom...

So time flies. We all know that. More so as we age (not that I do...)! But nevertheless, I was quite disappointed in myself that I neglected to snap a few shots of Peyton at her 1-month mark. As a matter of fact, I haven't even reached for my camera since she was a week old! I swore I would give all of my kids the VIP treatment from day one, but truth be told, after all the diapers are changed, tummies are full, and bodies are dressed, there isn't much time left over for picture taking!

Last night I was determined to redeem myself. Peyton was 5 weeks as of yesterday (a good mark as well). Peyton however, had payback in mind. It was the saddest photo shoot to date... This in fact was the best picture of the evening:
So of course after that (which was strangely cute, and had to be chronicled since that's the face I stare into every evening due to colic), we decided to try again this morning. We were much more successful, and I had to share! :)

Happy 5 weeks Peyton!!!



Most people are afraid of Jillian Michaels... she can kick your tail no matter your level of fitness! That is, unless you're a 4 year old with WAY too much energy!!! Bailey did the entire workout. TWICE! I wish I could say she gets her dedication from me... ;P