Maybe Tomorrow Mom...

So time flies. We all know that. More so as we age (not that I do...)! But nevertheless, I was quite disappointed in myself that I neglected to snap a few shots of Peyton at her 1-month mark. As a matter of fact, I haven't even reached for my camera since she was a week old! I swore I would give all of my kids the VIP treatment from day one, but truth be told, after all the diapers are changed, tummies are full, and bodies are dressed, there isn't much time left over for picture taking!

Last night I was determined to redeem myself. Peyton was 5 weeks as of yesterday (a good mark as well). Peyton however, had payback in mind. It was the saddest photo shoot to date... This in fact was the best picture of the evening:
So of course after that (which was strangely cute, and had to be chronicled since that's the face I stare into every evening due to colic), we decided to try again this morning. We were much more successful, and I had to share! :)

Happy 5 weeks Peyton!!!


  1. She gets cuter by the day! I miss those little cuties! :0(
    LOVE the new beanies/flowers and tutu's! Good for you, Erin!!
    Love and Hugs to all!!!