Catch Up Part 3 - Roberts

Last but certainly NOT least was the time spent with the R clan (the hubsters mom and stepdad)!  From family BBQ's complete with roasting s'mores and tackling Uncles, the kids enjoyed every second we spent at Gma and Gpa Rs' house!
Uncle K was a GREAT sport! :)
It was great to be able to see Great Gma and Gpa W too!
Gma took us to a Pioneer museum where the kids got to dress up and play like in the days of old.  It made me want to snuggle up on the couch and watch Anne of Green Gables... SO cute!
Whether gathering eggs, milking cows, fishing in the stream or shopping for mom at the local grocery store.. you name it and this place thought of it!
Sir L thought the grocery store was just plane MEAN!  All that delicious looking food but nothing edible.. I don't think he fully believed me that it wasn't!
Princess P loved the peaches and carted them around the entire time!
The kids even got to go to school!  Miss B took her school duties MUCH more seriously than the boys! ;)
We also went on a trip to the Kennecott Copper Canyon Mine.  It was quite cool!  Hard to believe in my years of living in UT I've never been there before!

Catch Up Part 2 - Hooley

When Gma and Gpa H came into town we were SO excited to head up to beautiful Strawberry Reservoir to spend some quality outdoors time with them!  The Hubster at this point was with us for good until we made the big move, so I was especially happy to have us all back together again! :)

The kids talked me into a early morning "hike" if you will.. all the way to the top of the biggest hill. :)  Little did they know when we got up there they would be able to see an even bigger one!  Nothing like a morning stroll with the kiddos and comfy pjs!
 There is nothing I like more than watching the kids have some fun daddy time.
When Grandpa told the kids there were fish to be caught they were all over it!  Sadly we didn't get lucky standing on the side of the bank, but they were content to just hold the poles. :)
The fish didn't bite, but this big guy did!
I love how Princess P is the excited one and the BOYS look nervous! lol
 She sure enjoyed loving on her Grandma.. who can resist that little face?!
Sometimes it's just nice to put everything aside and be together with no other agenda than just that.  I could love on these kids all day every day and be content to do nothing else!
We even got to celebrate Mr H's birthday early!  Thanks Gma and Gpa H for an AWESOME time! :)


Catch Up Part 1 - De Groot

WOW.  Looks like I have a lot of catch up to do!  After packing up in Michigan, the kids and I spent 5 amazing weeks in Utah visiting family and friends while the hubster tied up loose ends and traveled back and forth from Brazil.  This is part one of the "vacation" (if you can call packing up and saying goodbye to loved ones a vacation)...

I got to see my two best girls from the good ole HS days.  Man alive do I miss these girls!  xoxo
The kids of course had plenty of opportunities to be doted on by Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles and cousins!  They are pretty cute I'll admit.. ;)
Our good friends and neighbors that live next to my parents have horses and were kind enough to let the kids feed them, swoon over them, and eventually RIDE them! :)
Miss B of course LOVED every second of it! ..both the horse, and the attention she got while on it! :)
Mr H loved the horses more from a distance and although was willing to ride them, he chose to pass on a 2nd opportunity to go again.
Little Princess P wanted a turn as well.. sadly she has mean parents who only let her sit atop the horse for a few seconds until a picture was taken and back off she came! ..best few seconds of her life or so it seemed!
And of course mister "go with the flow" was completely chill about the entire experience.  Even when he started falling off it didn't quite seem to phase him! lol
We went to Elko for a boating trip with the whole DG clan.  Gma had shirts made up which turned out SUPER cute!
My man rocked it out and got to show off a bit on the wakeboard.  He had a blast!
I would have shown off if I knew how.. sadly this was the best it got for me, but HEY!  I got up for the first time EVER!!!  Look at that concentration! lol :)
Princess P was content to just chill on the boat.  She probably would have enjoyed it more without the life jacket.. they weren't the best of friends..
"Chicken" DG style looks somewhat painful, but that didn't stop anyone!
Mr H went tubing with Grandma.  I was so proud of his cute little self! :)
I didn't know you could surf behind a boat until this trip.. it's pretty awesome.  Especially when a hunky man is the one on the board!
The shocker of the trip was when Miss B looked up at me and exclaimed, "I want to try that".. ummm, okay..  I agreed not thinking she would go through with it, but the littl thing got out there like a pro on the kneeboard and got up on the FIRST TRY!!!  Did I cry?  A little.. but they were the overly excited tears of a proud mother.. it happens! :)  Eventually we had to tell her to let go because she never got tired of holding on!
She was almost as proud of herself as I was of her!
Although the big man was out of town for Father's Day, and that was REALLY hard for me, we were able to spend it with my dad which made it a little easier. :)
It was so much fun hanging out with all my family before the big move to Brazil.  My brother and his wife and daughter were living there too and we LOVED getting to spend time with them too.  It was a GREAT trip! :)