Catch Up Part 3 - Roberts

Last but certainly NOT least was the time spent with the R clan (the hubsters mom and stepdad)!  From family BBQ's complete with roasting s'mores and tackling Uncles, the kids enjoyed every second we spent at Gma and Gpa Rs' house!
Uncle K was a GREAT sport! :)
It was great to be able to see Great Gma and Gpa W too!
Gma took us to a Pioneer museum where the kids got to dress up and play like in the days of old.  It made me want to snuggle up on the couch and watch Anne of Green Gables... SO cute!
Whether gathering eggs, milking cows, fishing in the stream or shopping for mom at the local grocery store.. you name it and this place thought of it!
Sir L thought the grocery store was just plane MEAN!  All that delicious looking food but nothing edible.. I don't think he fully believed me that it wasn't!
Princess P loved the peaches and carted them around the entire time!
The kids even got to go to school!  Miss B took her school duties MUCH more seriously than the boys! ;)
We also went on a trip to the Kennecott Copper Canyon Mine.  It was quite cool!  Hard to believe in my years of living in UT I've never been there before!

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