Catch Up Part 2 - Hooley

When Gma and Gpa H came into town we were SO excited to head up to beautiful Strawberry Reservoir to spend some quality outdoors time with them!  The Hubster at this point was with us for good until we made the big move, so I was especially happy to have us all back together again! :)

The kids talked me into a early morning "hike" if you will.. all the way to the top of the biggest hill. :)  Little did they know when we got up there they would be able to see an even bigger one!  Nothing like a morning stroll with the kiddos and comfy pjs!
 There is nothing I like more than watching the kids have some fun daddy time.
When Grandpa told the kids there were fish to be caught they were all over it!  Sadly we didn't get lucky standing on the side of the bank, but they were content to just hold the poles. :)
The fish didn't bite, but this big guy did!
I love how Princess P is the excited one and the BOYS look nervous! lol
 She sure enjoyed loving on her Grandma.. who can resist that little face?!
Sometimes it's just nice to put everything aside and be together with no other agenda than just that.  I could love on these kids all day every day and be content to do nothing else!
We even got to celebrate Mr H's birthday early!  Thanks Gma and Gpa H for an AWESOME time! :)

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