Twice a week my kids get to participate in a crazy lot of after school activities held in our complex.  All classes here are covered by our condo fees so whether you are involved in one or twelve you don't pay extra..  For some reason with deals like this, I feel like I am getting a better steal if I do more than less, so NATURALLY we decided to do more.. right??  I had the option to sign them up for nonstop extra "stuff" four days a week, but the thought didn't appeal since, lets be honest, I wanted a bit more flexibility to meet up with friends for playdates, go to the park, chill at home, etc. 

So we opted for two of the four days to spice it up - Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are a crazy mad dash around the clubhouse that look something like this:
3:30-4:00 Judo for the boys
4:00-4:45 Ballet for Miss B
4:30-5:00 Swimming for the boys
5:00-5:30 Swimming for Miss B

But for all of the running, heart palpitations and minorly stressful moments, it is SO worth it to see them sporting their ADORABLE outfits!!!  The boys' Judo uniforms just came and I was thrilled to see Brazilian flag patches adorning it in numerous places - what a reminder of such fun times here! :)
Studs. Truly.
Miss B is a just as perfect in her ballet uniform (minus the flags):
Her class size is usually 6-8, but many people were still travelling as these were taken during the week of Carnaval (news on that to come!).
Boys.  Need I say more?  Sometimes I just don't even know...
It's amazing that we can accomplish SO much in two short hours, and still have smiles on our faces!!!  What troopers! :)
WARNING: if you have a weak stomach you may not want to continue reading the rest of this one...

By the time 5:30 comes, I am in desperate need of a good sit down, so I typically let loose all four of them into the pools outside to play for 30 minutes or so before we head back home to make dinner around 6:00pm.  The other day, I took Princess P and the boys outside early (they were getting ansy) and told Miss B to come out when she was done with her swimming lesson.. 

About 5 minutes into playing, Sir L runs up to me exclaiming "Mommy! I have a BIG poop!"  "Aww really?  Everyone out of the pool!  We have to take Sir L to the potty!  Hustle hustle!" ..this is a rather time sensitive matter as he was JUST potty trained!  So away we all ran to the ladies bathroom.  Once we arrive at the stalls I looked down at him.  "Ok buddy, in you go.."  "I don't have to go anymore."  ??? Seriously ???  But just for humors sake, "Turn around bud, mommy wants to see." 

As I peeked down his backside I saw a little bit of diarrhea.  My internal dilemma went something like this:  Miss B isn't done for another 15minutes.  I don't have a change of clothes, and have no way to cover his little naked self if I strip him down.. perhaps I can just stick him in the shower and rinse him off and we can pretend this never happened?  Sounds like a plan to me!  "Ok pal, get in the shower, mommy is going to clean you up."  I herded all three into the shower for safety's sake and put the shower hose down Sir L's backside.  Apparently what my eyes saw was only a SMALL fraction of what was hiding in between the kids legs.. Green poopy water dumped out of his shorts with such unexpected force that I had to jump back.  That's I realized that there was a woman in the stall right next to us, and the lunatic who designed the showers made us all share one floor and one drain.. right by her feet!  I frantically tried spraying the water away from her, when Mr H noticed the problem at hand and started yelling "MOMMY!  There is poop EVERYWHERE!!!"  "Yes, I know!  I am trying to clean it up.. SHHH!"  At this point I am thanking my lucky stars that nobody in there spoke English, when little miss bilingual, aka not-so-"Princess"-anymore P yells out "COCO! COCO!" (Not to be confused with "coconut", which is similar in sound, but most likely wouldn't be talked about with such excitement in a bathroom setting..)  Gaaaaa!  I quickly covered her mouth, but it was too late..

I didn't have to wonder where the shrieking gasp came from, and the next thing I knew I was face to face with a very unhappy, very naked Korean woman.  "Desculpa.." was all I could manage to get out as I rushed everyone into another stall to continue my mothering duties.  After we were decent and I finished picked clumps of my sons, (pardon me), crap, out of the shower drain, we left with our eyes fixated on the rather fascinating tile floor.  Welp, if I once had any kind of a decent reputation here, it is officially scarred now! 

Yep... the glamorous life of mom... thanks little man - this one's a keeper! ;P


  1. OK, so you had already told me about this scenario on the phone and I have read your post THREE times already and simply canNOT stop laughing! Can't wait for my copy of your book! Love you tons!!!

  2. hehehehehehe!

    Meu Deus!!! What funny situation! I'm laughing compulsively here! Really you're a woman very funny! hehehe

  3. Why thank you! ..we do what we can ;)

  4. Laughing so hard I'm crying!So glad you're the wonderful woman my son married and the amazing momma of our grandchildren!

  5. Oh Yuck!!! lol I am sorry that is just so horrible. We mothers do what we can.