Game ON!!!

Football.  Not to be confused with "Futebol" (which you may know as "soccer").  No, I'm talking good old fashioned American Football here.. not something even remotely valued here in Brasil, but with such an amazing turnout of soccer players, there isn't much need to care.  That being said, the NFL (despite Brazil's lack of interest), still goes on, and there seemed to be a rather large grouping of American or American-affiliated men who didn't want to be left out of all the traditional pre-game fun.

Thankfully for them there was a gathering of about 10 or so full fledged teams geared up and ready for some flag football.. once you pass the threshold of 30yrs of age, your bones don't take too well to be slammed on the ground!  Princess P wanted to make sure the opposing team was plenty buttered up so they would be kind to her daddy.. don't mistake her for a traitor.  Although it may look like our 22month old was shamelessly flirting, I assure you she had nothing but strictly strategic intentions in mind.  Such a clever little princess!
Sadly after losing game 1, the pressure was on for game 2.. loose two and you're out of the tournament! :(
My man looked pretty fly out there reliving his glory days!   ..and he got to be lucky number 7.  :)
...but after all was said and done, the other team had a professional player as their QB which I swear shouldn't be legal, but definitely made it fun to watch! :)
That is NOT panic on their faces, but rather an ever so slight concern for their fellow man.. we managed to leave with only one injury (a dislocated finger) on the entire team - not too shabby!
This wasn't your average pull ribbons off each others' pants charade - they had some legit trophies up for grabs too!
Even though we didn't secure a trophy, it was a FUN (ok, and maybe a smidgen HOT!) family day!
You rocked it boys!  Next year, that trophy is as good as yours!!! ;)

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