Wall Photos

My amazing friend Sharon took some pictures of my kiddos for me to display on the entry wall in our home. I am ashamed to say, I haven't had a picture of Princess P up yet, so this was a LONG time coming!!! 3 cheers for uber talented, and amazingly sweet friends! :)

Now I just have to choose my favorites! :)

Easter Festivities

After one "hoppining" (lol.. what?! I'm tired ok??) egg hunt, the kids DEVOURED every single piece of candy they had by days end! Do you think maybe they are a smidge sugar deprived?? Not because I have intense health food beliefs, but rather because if it's in my house, I eat it.. love, self control and sharing are all things that we are hoping will become strongly ingrained as I gain wisdom with age. I guess I'm just not old enough yet! ;)
Anyways, Hooley sugar dilemmas aside, it was a FANTASTIC Easter weekend! One of the highlights was of course the new Sunday clothes.. I hope my kids always want to match for special occasions! SOOO cute!!! :)

Miss P

Little Miss P turned O-N-E this month. AHHHHHHH! Okay, I'm good. Well, sort of. :( What a joy she has been in our lives! I wish I could explain just how stinkin cute this kid is - she is the sweetest, craziest, funniest little dare devil you've ever seen! She loves to make us laugh. From growling, blowing bubbles, rolling on the floor, crawling backwards, you name it! If you'll start laughing, she'll start performing! :)

Bailey and Hunter just adore her and both "take care of her" which of course is incredibly sweet to watch. Landon still thinks she's just a growing play thing, so needless to say he won't be babysitting any time soon.. ;P

Bailey insisted that she wanted a pink on pink birthday cake (of course!), and Hunter insisted she wanted rainbow ice cream (who wouldn't right?). I must confess that she didn't get anything "fun".. what does a one year old need when she already has everything from 3 older siblings?? I could use a few less toys in this house! So, we opted for the very practical (doesn't that sound so much better than boring?!) things: clothes, books, and squeezable applesauce for kicks.

What would a birthday be without a special breakfast?? Breakfast in bed starts at age two in our house.. for now, we believe a glass plate is risky enough for the 1st Bday celebration!

Apparently Peyton was insistent on having hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for her birthday dinner.. I am SO lucky to have kids who can translate her baby babble for me and make everything so clear! :)

Bailey was more excited for Peyton to start digging in than Peyton was!

With how much food this kid can pack away, we were shocked when she barely picked at her lovely pink cake. Apparently strawberry isn't the flavor of the month! But alas, her sweet brothers were so considerate as to help her mess it up a bit.. what good brothers! :)
Miss P, aka Miss Priss, Sassy Frass, Crazy Little Thing, and MANY others, we love you one million purple butterflies! Happy birthday sweet thing!!! :)