Peyton Bre

Our little Peyton Bre arrived yesterday (April 9th) at 3:38pm!!! She weighed in at 8lbs 1oz and is 20 3/4" long. :) It was a great delivery.. LOVE those epidurals! :) But boy, when she decided to come she came FAST! One minute I'm nice and comfy, the next I'm wondering if the doctor can put her gloves on fast enough.. two pushes later and walla! Words can't describe how excited I am to have another girl!!! My mom and sister Janelle are in town watching our other kids at home. They brought them to the hospital last night shortly after to see their new baby sister. It was SO fun to have us all together!
Peyton and a VERY proud daddy :)
Landon looks so big all of the sudden.. not that I ever thought he was small, but he is one cute "big brother"!
Me and my girls :)
The whole clan (thanks again mom for dressing them up SOOO cute for the big debut!). :)

We are SO blessed and happy that everything went so smoothly once again. Thanks to everyone for their love, support and prayers!


Baby Steps

When breaking an addiction, you hear two terms used frequently, "cold turkey" and, (thanks to "What About Bob") "baby steps". I have always been a "cold turkey" kind of gal.. I'm either in or I'm out, seldom in between. So it seemed only logical that I resorted to locking my bedroom door this evening to get my children to sleep in their OWN rooms! They have beautiful beds.. quite comfortable if I may say so myself. So call me crazy, but I just don't see why they prefer mine and Brandon's floor over their kooshy mattresses?! Granted, they would prefer our bed, but with my rapidly expanding mid-section, we are a little tight on room.. and any parent of more than one knows you can't invite one without the other(s)!

After tucking the kids in (who were quite unhappy with the whole prospect of being in their own rooms), I headed downstairs to clean house while awaiting the glorious silence that accompanies a bedtime victory. The silence came, and I tiptoed upstairs to kiss my darling children goodnight one last time. They did SO well.. or so I thought...

For those unfamiliar to the layout of my home, these are my sweet children, fast asleep in the hallway.. right outside my bedroom door. Apparently, my kids are more into the "baby steps" technique! ;)