Before and After

Despite what Google may say, it is most obvious that the camera was invented by a woman.  "Why" you ask?  Because in her desire to remain sane, she needed proof that sometimes, sometimes she really did have it all together.  So she took a shower, got dressed and meticulously put her makeup on and took a picture to reminder herself that if she had time, she could look glamorous!  Then she scrubbed her house and removed all traces of life therein and took a picture to remind herself that if she had time (or no sweet children), her house would be spotless!  And then she took those pictures and put them somewhere special and would occasionally pull them out and admire them, reveling in those *brief moments whenever someone mistakenly told her she had it all together.  True story.

Thankfully that woman never knew me, because clearly, I really DO have it all together!  The fact that it has taken me over a year to finally get my "after" photos of our room makeovers (okay, the first two anyways) taken is purely a strange happenstance.  You are MORE than welcome to drop by and see my perfectly put together self in my perfectly put together home at ANY time!  As long as you give me 3 hours notice. ;)  But until then, the photos will have to do..

When we first moved into our home, brown was the name of the game.  Now don't get me wrong, I definitely think brown has it's place!  What would mud and human waste be without it right?  But on the floor, the walls, the windows & lights.. it tends to give that vibe that you're about 50 years older than you really are.  So against the will of every carpenter since the beginning of time, we (GASP!), PAINTED OVER THE WOOD.  I know what you're thinking.. poor beautiful tree.. but really, we just did it a favor.  Shine on bright tree, shine on! :)

Words.. what are the words??  That's a LOT of brown there folks!
Rip that sucker out boys!  ..entertainment shelves 18" off the floor for your pricey big screen TV with lots of littles to push it over?  No thank you.
It's beginning to look a lot like heaven!
Paint.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways..
Don't you just feel all warm and fuzzy inside??  I was VERY skeptical about painting the room blue.. would it give me a headache?  Would I tire of it too quick?  Well, it's been a year and I still LOVE it!  Hurray for taking risks! :)
Onto.. the kitchen!  Now I LOVE to cook, but I wasn't quite feeling inspired in here about food I'll be honest.  So what did we do you ask?  Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, (or so they say)..
This was a rather intense process, so thankfully we had some amazing family close by who let us bunk up with them for a few nights!  Migraine worthy fumes aren't good for anyone, let alone wet paint and toddlers..
Now for a little decorative glazing :)
My awesome husband installed the hardware and earned about 1,000 sexy points :)
...and now I cook with a smile on my face!
The moral of the story?  Paint is your friend.  Learn to love it and it will treat you well all the days of your life.  That and get a good camera.  Unless you have kids, then get a REALLY good camera.
On my to-do list is to get a collage of canvas prints up behind the coach where that large black frame is.. someday.. someday! ;)
Now repeat after me, "Wow! 6 kids AND a clean house?! How does she do it?? She must be amazing or something.."  Why yes, yes I am. (HA! *wink wink.. just please be sure to give me a call at least 3hrs in advance of wanting to "drop by" for a tour!)

*No children were harmed in the making of this post.  Forcing children to the outdoors is not abuse nor neglect if you have a fence and a great baby sitting dog to care for them..  There is a reason the woman who made the camera did not enable sound in still shots.  I'm sure she didn't invent side doorbells the kids can reach either.  Now stop gawking and join me in a Hershey bar.  Costco sells them in bulk.