Holiday Greetings?

We took some updated family photos back in December with the intent to send them out as usual with our Christmas poem last year.. that never happened as I never got around to writing that dear poem..  I figured, that in January you could still get away with sending them out, but again.. never happened.  By March I resigned myself to the fact that I just am not as awesome as my 16yr old self had hoped I would be!  After all, I had ALLL the answers for the things my own mother was doing wrong at the time, so my parenting years were bound to be a cinch right?? (HAH!)

Well, my new goal became to just get the darn thing done before Marshall was born.  We are scheduled to have an induction in 3 days now, so guess what I just finished?!  You guessed it!!  It's Christmas poem time!! :D  So this is kind of a success story right..? Sorry no fancy Christmas paper - the stores are fresh out!  Go figure.. ;P
Our sweet and crazy kiddos (poor Sir L was sick that morning..)
My handsome little men!
Does it get any cuter?!
Sweet Bella :)
The two that started all the madness!
And finally, the whole clan! :)
Happy uber-belated holidays folks! ;)  Now, I can go have my baby with my head held high!! ..well, higher.. it's still the end of April, let's not get carried away! ;P