I used to dream about going to some quaint little street fair market in a foreign country, making friends with the locals and scoring beautifully fresh food to indulge in later that afternoon.. I no longer dream about that anymore - I LIVE it! :)

Truly, one of my most favorite things about São Paulo is the "feiras" aka street fairs.  There are street fairs for arts and crafts, plants, clothes, and my favorite: FRESH FOOD!!!  While most everything else is insanely priced, fresh food is by far your best bang for your buck - they certainly know how to grow 'em good out here!

I can now say that I have the best butcher crew EVER.. These guys provide dinner and a show - always making sure you'll leave with a smile, or better yet a side ache from all the laughing! :)

Did I ever mention my little sister was in town??  Our FIRST visitor from the states! :)  She was here for the first half of December and we had a BLAST together!  Of course she had to have the pleasure of attending a few of these as well.. :)
You don't get much fresher than this!  Can I hear a HU-RAH for coconut??  LOVE it.
My sweet salsa lady and her lime hubby.  She has a salsa bundle ready for me each week with cilantro instead of parsley - just how I like it! :)
Mangos, papayas, atemoias & maracuja (not sure what those are in English..), you name it!
My sister and I had to get our photo taken with "Strawberry Man.  He is not something I can explain properly to give him sufficient credit.. you'll just have to come on down and experience him for yourself!  Good times.. good times. ;)
This kind and slightly eager gentleman literally fell over himself trying to get a picture with my sister.  Fun for me.. awwwwkward for her! lol
And the main accomplice to this grand work - the Lovely E - one of my most amazingest freinds' EVER! :)
The cutie patootie boys who watch over every one's cars. :)
The spoils from my trip with Lovely E yesterday:
Upon seeing a photo/food opp, two of Princess P's FAVORITE things, she shimmied a chair on over and climbed on the counter for her double debut! :)
..then she went at all the goods!..
Doesn't the variety of colors just make your heart go pitter patter?!
LOVE this.
I know what your thinking - I was once a sceptic too -  "Is fresher REALLY that much better?"  Umm, do Brazilians have the best hair ever?!  ..that would be a YES!  Check it out! - On the left would be a store bought broccoli for more than double the cost of my freshly picked feira broccoli on the right.  And that folks, pretty much speaks for itself!


Lights Camera ACTION

As I was uploading new games on Miss B's Leap Pad this evening (yes, I realize it's 1:40am here), I came across her home video collection.. her sudden sleep deprivation makes so much sense now! lol
Apparently this girl is quite excited for her birthday next week.. I had better make it extra special! :)
..and of course we can't leave out the important things in life!  This girl cracks me up! :)


Better late than never...

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas and New Years!  Due to the rate of international postage stamps (ok, and the fact that I don't know where a post office is!), we are doing this electronically! :)  Better late than never right??  How's this for procrastinating?!