Lights Camera ACTION

As I was uploading new games on Miss B's Leap Pad this evening (yes, I realize it's 1:40am here), I came across her home video collection.. her sudden sleep deprivation makes so much sense now! lol
Apparently this girl is quite excited for her birthday next week.. I had better make it extra special! :)
..and of course we can't leave out the important things in life!  This girl cracks me up! :)


  1. What treasures! Absolutely love my Bailey girl!!! I hope she has the BEST birthday ever!!! (So sorry to be missing it this year!)

  2. Oh my goodness what a cutie! I'm so glad you found the home videos. TOO cute!

  3. We so LOVED LOVED LOVED these precious moments with our sweet granddaughter Bailey! We love you Bailey! Happy "almost" Best Birthday Ever!

  4. THOSE are AWESOME!!!!! She is the sweetest girl ever, and a crack up! :) Those are priceless! Can't believe a year has past since her birthday and hearing of your plans to go to Brazil! Hope it is a wonderful day for her! Thanks for sharing the adorable and hilarious videos!