The Little Things

Because I want to pretend that you care about the little things that make such a HUGE difference, I have yet another play by play as to what a deprived American sends her husband out shopping for during his 2nd business trip to the States..  Mainly, it's food items.  The kinds of things that, A: I can't get my hands on here, or B: if I am lucky enough to find it, I am not yet insane enough to want to spend 10x's more for it than what I know it's worth!  So, what was on my list this go around??  Well, there's the necessities:

Pancake mix
Alfredo sauce
Cake mixes
Cream of chicken & mushroom soups
Italian bread crumbs
Black olives
Ranch mix
Green enchilada sauce
Chicken broth
Peanut butter
Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
Chili powder
Caesar dressing
& Strawberry preserves :)
Chocolate chips
Raisin bran
Frosted mini wheats (SQUEAL!!!)
Oatmeal packets
& Oatmeal
Mr H suddenly had a growth spurt, so he needed new church clothes.. SO handsome!
Super glue - a basic human right!
Misc DVD's
Camera equipment - a UV protectant lens cover and a cleaning "pen"
A TON of stuff for the USA booth I am in charge of for an upcoming cultural celebration event.  I chose the "Hollywood" theme to represent us this year.. complete with a red carpet runner! :)
 More knick knacks.. hairspray, ponies, my favorite shade of lipliner..
Future gift items for the kiddos.  One can NEVER have too many books! 
The icing on the cake for me is a toss up between these two smashing pairs of boots (I have a fetish I'll admit!.. I snagged both pairs for under $20!!!),
..and the surprise my hubby was able to sneak into the bags - Ghiradelli brownie mix!  These suckers are the real deal!!!  Is my man good or is he GOOOOD?!
A little perspective??  Some friends of ours paid the $75 extra baggage fee for Brandon to be able to bring them back some goodies too.. it may sound crazy, but I tell you it's not only worth it, but it actually still saves you some mullah!  Here was their lot:
My Portuguese tutor also shipped a camera and some goodies for Brandon to pick up for her daughter.. even though it's a Canon, we decided to play nice and bring it for them anyways ;)
And some goodies for Amazing V as well!  When there's a blowout sale, you just gotta do it!!! :)
My sweet man packed and weighed each of the 4 bags (plus a carry on) to make sure they were exactly 70lbs each and muscled them all home for me.. is that a great husband or what?! :)  It really is the little things that matter most!


  1. That is awesome. I guess you never really appreciate the "little things" until you don't have them anymore. I;m sure it makes it feel more like home having the basics that you grew up with. Love you!

  2. It is SO true!!! Just having a few cooking/food items that are familiar is a VERY special treat! :) Love you too Amanda! :)

  3. What a guy....way to go, Brandon!! :0)