Patience is a virtue.

Brazil is special.  Not just because they produce sickly beautiful people, have some of the most sought after beaches in the world, and their famous holiday "Carnival" makes Mardi Gras seem like a quite Sunday afternoon...  They are special because they are patient in Brazil.  We US citizens worship our schedules.  We plan things by year, month, week, day, hour, and even minute.  Showing up 30 minutes late to a scheduled luncheon is just plain rude in the US, but in Brazil?  If you don't show up a good hour late they may look at you funny or deem you inconsiderate because they aren't ready yet!

This has been confirmed to me by NUMEROUS different sources, including current US expats who reside in Brazil, and our intercultural trainers.  So why was I so surprised, and even frustrated when our Brazilian Visas took their good ole sweet time to grace us with their presence??  Our Passports were in hand the beginning of March, but in Brazil, you have to have what is called a "Work Visa" to reside and be employed there.  Everything was riding on this stamp (well actually it's a sticker) in our Passports.. The original plan was to be in Brazil the end of May and for my sweet hubby to start on June 1st.  With the long and relaxed processing of our documentation on the other side we ended up suspending our move and were forced to move my hubby's start date back to July 1st.  That almost didn't happen either, but ALAS.. they have ARRIVED!!! 

I was starting to think this day would never come!  The day when we are FINALLY legal and ready to start this new adventure abroad.  Shall I laugh or cry?  Perhaps a little of both??  I haven't decided yet, but whatever I deem necessary to do, we are officially going to Brazil, and I CAN'T WAIT!!! :)  11 days and counting!


  1. Glad you got back all 6! We will see how many you come back with :)7 maybe 8!!

  2. LOL you never know right?? ;) I've been told Brazil is THE place to have babies too! :)

  3. Erin, I dont know if you really remember me or not. I was friends with Paige way back when just before you moved from Washington. I had
    thought you to be a really great person and had wished we had had a chance to become friends. I have really enjoyed reading your previous blog, and cant wait for this ones adventures. You have such a beautiful family! I am so excited to read about your guys new adventure to Brazil!! It is going to be an adventure for sure!

    Jennifer Glaser

  4. YES! I totally remember you Jen, you're so sweet! :) I just put my family blog private since it's more specific to my kids and I found out I had some creepers following it, but if you still want to read it I can send you an invite?

  5. =)
    Yes, I would love to keep reading your family blog. I will send you a private message with my email.