After an amazing Halloween party at the kids' school on Friday, I came home to THIS... NO, I'm not referring to a dirty house, but our AIR SHIPMENT arrived!!!  Even though it was by far the smaller of the two shipments, it still felt like Christmas!  And now I have enough fun goodies from the States to keep me patient until the rest of it arrives!!! :)  Too say that I'm elated would be a gross understatement!  And not that you care, but this next part is more for my journaling purposes - the break down!  Because it's the little things that matter most. :)  So what was included that almost made me wet myself with excitement??

DISHES!  Not rented plain-Jane white ones, but our very own dishes!
Decor items for the boys' bedroom and bathroom
Laundry detergent - and LOTS of it!- for our HE machines when they come (they don't sell HE detergent here.. bummer!)
Books :)
FANS, and just in time too!
Shampoos and Conditioners
Water bottles
Dish Soap (a waste of space really since that is one of the rare cheap things I can get here.. oops!)
Dishwasher tabs
TUPPERWARE with MATCHING lids!!!  YES - it's THAT exciting! :)
Kitchen scale
Mixing bowls
Bake ware
Ziploc bags
Play dough toys - a lifesaver already!
CHARMIN toilet paper!  I am a loyal freak to Charmin.. I was JUST talking with Amazing V about how we were about to run out and how I didn't want to get the icky kinds they sell here.. someone upstairs loves me! :)
Pantry goods!  Just a few were snuck in.. A1 sauce (LOVE!), pasta, ketchup, and a bottle of Caesar dressing that I about cried over! :)
MY GRIDLE!!!  Dude.. I can now officially make breakfast for my entire family at the same time!  THIS is a NECESSITY in our home!
More bake ware
Cutting boards
Breakfast in bed tray (just in time for Sir L's birthday too!)
Drying rack
Light bulbs
Spice rack
Our 2nd computer - this one's for the kids, which means??  Mine will now be sticky free! :)
Paper cutter
MEDIA!!!  Movies and books to keep the entire American population in SP entertained! :)
Kitchen organizer
Misc bedding items
Roller blades for me and the kids (there's are for Christmas.. Shhh!!!)
Also snuck in and not pictured was PAPER!  We sadly ran out a month ago and we've been itching for some crafts around here!  We also have ink for my printer, and all of my home made "Family Home Evening" games and lessons which is SUCH a blessing!!! :)  Truly, this little taste of home was all I needed to keep me going until the rest of our stuff arrives.. I just may never come down off this lovely cloud 9! :)


  1. HOW EXCITING!!!! I bet it is so nice to have some of your own stuff. And that means there is hope for the rest!!! We love you guys. Sorry we keep missing eachother. I hope Sir L had a GREAT birthday! My little one sure did.

  2. YAY Erin! I know how much fun we had getting all your stuff ready for packing! I can only imagine the pure JOY of getting some of it delivered! Miss you!!

  3. I am glad you are getting a taste of home. I look forward to following your journey. :)

  4. Thanks guys! It sure does feel nice to have some familiar things around! It's been a blast watching Amazing V's face as I have shown her all the wonderful uses for a 16-cup Cuisinart food processor! NO MORE HAND CHOPPING FOR US!!! :)