3rd times a Charm

Look out world, it's official!  Our little whirlwind has turned 3!!!  Sir L is the rough n tough, bruiser, linebacker-in-the-making son we all adore.. maybe it's his smile, his shocking baby blues, or the fact that after he's finished destroying the house and tackling his unsuspecting siblings he snuggles better than anyone I know!  He's always good for a laugh, endless story books, or an impromptu game of "put all the food back in the pantry and fridge". ;)  Thank you little man for keeping us laughing, and ensuring I don't have too much time to be idle!  I love you more than you love binks (aka. pacifiers.. and sorry again we had to take them away..)!  Happy Birthday buddy!!!
We had a nice intimate get together with some friends here in Sao Paulo in honor of the big day - complete with a sandwich bar, cake and ice cream, and some pool time!
Sir L got sufficiently "car" spoiled and LOVED every second of it!
One of my personal favorites was an iguana from my good friend Vivacious V and her sweet family to mock our (or "my" rather) naive experience with a live one: http://minutesformama.blogspot.com/2011/09/mother-of-year.html
We have been SO blessed to find such great friends out here!
After one failed cake attempt, we opted to keep this one in the pan.. topped with "match" candles, and we were ready to sing!
Mr H couldn't contain the excitement and was itching to help out his brother...
After this picture, Sir L gave Mr H a piece of his mind - apparently he didn't need (or want!) the help! ;)
Down at the pool we had a perfect afternoon of sun and fun - I am LOVING springtime in Brazil!!!
McKay helped us wear out the kids.. everyone slept GREAT that night!  THANKS MCKAY!!!
Later that night we gave Landon the gifts from us which included plenty of sand toys for the beach,
The "David" books, which I never did find cute or funny until now ;)
= one very HAPPY birthday boy!!!  We have been SO blessed to have this little guy in our lives!  No amount of unbroken household items could ever replace the joy I get when I see his sweet face light up!  We love you buddy!!!  HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Landon!! Thanks for sharing his day with us :) We love and miss you guys!! Maybe one year the cousins can share their birthday in the same state :)