Counting Blessings

I know what you're thinking.. "What does one do to celebrate an American holiday when you are not in America??"  Why, you head to the beach of course! :)  Brandon and I took the kids and headed northeast about 3hrs to the most rustic beach house I've ever laid eyes on.. A-MAZING! :)  We shared the joint with some friends of ours and had a wonderful time!  3 days in the warm sun, and a legit Thanksgiving meal (back to back with an authentic Brazilian churrascaria - Mmmmm) made for PLENTY to be thankful for!!!
For the sake of overbearing you with photos, I have arranged them into these handy dandy collages.. does it give me away that I have just as many shots of the food as I do of the beach?? lol
And the beach house of course! :)  Couldn't leave that out of the collage brigade! :)  All in all, good weather, great food, and amazing friends made a "family" holiday without family not only bearable, but FUN!!!


  1. We love all your photos! I like the vintage wash you used on them. You are an awesome photographer! What kind of camera do you have? Also, how do you make the collages? I need to do that.

  2. Thanks Christine! :) I have a Nikon D7000 and LOVE it! I edited them in Photoshop and created the collages in Picasa - it's SUPER easy! :)

  3. Hey lady. You guys are on my Christmas Card list from last year - can I get your address there to send you one this year? sara.fulkerson@gmail.com