My new hobby of the moment is officially snapping and editing photos!  Since Brandon gave me my Christmas present early this year (a Nikon D7000!) I have been borderline obnoxious snapping shots every chance I get!  I purchased Photoshop Elements 8 almost 2 years ago and haven't used it.  But thanks to the wonderful world of the internet and late night hours when the house is eerie-quiet, I have been learning some tricks of the trade.. but buyer beware!!!  This stuff is ADICTING! :) 

Check out this before and after shot of Hunter - it's a thing of beauty I tell you, and I don't even know what I'm doing!  Isn't technology incredible?!  Before:
After (check out those eyes!):
You can even add sun spots and rays to make it all dreamy..
Truly - now I have the necessary tools to show the world (in greater clarity!), the eyes I get to stare into every day! :)  I am one LUCKY mama!!!


  1. these are amazing! Erin you do everything! Stop making the rest of us look so bad!! :) love ya

  2. lol whatever Heather! This coming from one of the most compitent women I know! ;) Thank you!

  3. AMAZING!!!!!! It is not just technology. YOU made those stunning eyes and now there is finally a way to show how they really appear. DIAMONDS. Those eyes are crystals and diamonds. WOW. I think I would be addicted to photoshop. Can Santa work late last minute hours?! ;) Great pictures though! You have an eye (haha pun not intended) for photography, angles, cropping, etc. I love photography and need to do something about it. I mean Santa does. ;) Hehehe. Santa is real right?

  4. LOL Oh how I love and miss you Ashlie! :) And YES Santa lives! :D