Feliz Natal

Last week the kindergartners had their holiday concert.  I bawled like a baby (don't judge - it was their first school concert!), and I must say, listening to Christmas carols being sung by your child in both English and Portuguese was A-MAZING!!!  To say that I loved it would be a gross understatement.. but then again I am a bit biased! ;)

Miss B's performance (she's on the left hand side, 2nd row from the bottom and 3 to the right):
Mr H's class (he's on the left hand side, middle row and surrounded by girls!):
 The grand finale with all the kids:
After the concert, we were able to spend time in the classrooms with the kids.  It was one of those perfect days! :)
My sister was in town from the States (our 1st visitor!!!) and came with us as well.
The kids made calendars for us with pictures of them at school throughout - such a fun idea!
And for the sake of all the Grandma's who have been patiently awaiting, I even captured a few short clips from the day (only 3 of the 5 uploaded correctly.. sorry!)! :)  FELIZ NATAL!!!


  1. That made my night! Thanks so much for posting these!! (OK, truth be told, I cried a bit too. Sure wish I could have seen this in person!)
    Love you all!!!

  2. very lovely, você tem uma família muito linda =)

  3. Muito obrigada! :) Eu sou muito sortudo!