Part 1

Ok, so I've possibly been slacking.. but if it makes it any better I can come up with a few excuses to help lift the responsibility from my shoulders - Including a week bout with pink eye that's been passed from one kiddo to the next, our 1st family visitor from the States - MY SISTER is in town!!! - and of course... OUR SHIPMENT ARRIVED!!!  Well really it arrived 3 weeks ago, but who's counting??  So this is me plating catch up - Part 1.

In order for our stuff to be moved in, the rental things had to be moved OUT!  We spent 2 days in a completely empty apartment.. no furniture, no dishes, silverware, TV, NADA!  And you know what??  It was SOOO much fun! :)  Sometimes it's nice to have nothing on your schedule, and nothing for the kids to make a mess with! ;)
We had a 2 night camp out in Princess P's bedroom.  A good friend of ours lent us their air mattress and a porta crib so we could get some decent shut eye.  So we had a family camp out, or is it camp in??  Whatever it was, it was fun!
By the end of day 2 the kiddos got a bit restless since it was raining and we literally had NOTHING to do.  And that's when the birds came to the rescue - the "Angry Birds" that is! ..and some other bizarre game involving worms and burning houses..  It bought me unreal amounts of time to prep things for the upcoming day!  ..so what if my kids' brains are now fried?! :P
Then it happened.  The biggest, most magnificent looking semi I have ever seen pulled up.  It made my heart go all flutterific and I had to remind myself that I am a grown woman with 4 children and it would most likely creep people out if I started to squeal.
Although it was another rainy day, nothing got my spirits down!  It was like every birthday and Christmas I've ever had all piled into one crazy day - one BUSY, crazy day!  Amazing V worked like a champ and together we got everything cleaned and put away in less than a week.  We are now breathing incredibly easy with our American goodies that I didn't realize how much I missed until I got them back! :)   *Part 2 with pictures coming soon!


  1. I remember the day the doors shut on that container and the puzzle the movers put together to get all of your belongings to fit. I wonder how the movers at your end felt when they opened that packed to the hilt container. Glad everything arrived and hopefully all in one piece.

  2. I can only imagine! I remember the call from Brandon asking what we should leave behind.. that was a fun day! lol ;P