You know those Christmas mornings when after all is said and done the kiddos are more intrigued by the boxes the toys came in than the toys themselves??  Well, this was NOT one of those Christmas mornings!!!  I am proud to say that we hit the nail EXACTLY on the head this year with Leap Pads (a child's version of an ipad) for Bailey, Hunter & Landon, while Peyton got a active play climber.  I DESPISE mindless video games - sorry Angry Birds! - and feel like a better mom when my kids are at least learning something while I let them play for who knows how long! :)  Turns out these Leap Pads are also great bribing tools.. Children are suddenly going to sleep without countless attempts to sneak out! Wonderful.

Now with all the brain workouts they've been getting on their new "Pads", I had to include something for their bodies too right?? Enter "Just Dance Kids". L-O-V-E. Truly. There are no words for how stinking cute they are to watch while attempting to bust their new moves!!! Landon (quite characteristically) stands there and stares at everyone else like we're all insane, but aside from that, we've all been getting in on the fun! :) 
I hope everyone had as great of a day as we did!  Minus the fact that our Vonage phone didn't work (see http://minutesformama.blogspot.com/2011/12/counseling.html), it was a PERFECT day!!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! :)

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  1. Looks like your kids had a great Christmas. My daughters got leapsters last year and still love them. :) Good choice.