My dryer ate it...

When our things finally arrived, none brought with them as much immense joy as did my front loading washer and dryer!  Okay, really just the dryer.. we had the wonderful, oh let's just call it "cultural" experience of using a Brazilian dryer these past few months.  The entire unit could probably fit inside the barrel of mine!  It took TWO 170 minute cycles to dry ONE LOAD.  I'm pretty sure it is the equivalent of holding a hair dryer up to your wet laundry.. though that might even be faster..  Needless to say, this sad excuse for an appliance will not be missed!  What was that?  I believe it was that sweet musical tune that plays when yet another load has been thoroughly dried in less than 45 minutes.. Mmm hmm! :)
Poor little sucker never did have a fighting chance...


  1. I'm going to have to show this to Lia who will definitely say "that's the mommy, that's the daddy, and that's the Lia!" That little dryer is hysterical! Welcome back to 2011!

  2. Thank you! It's good to be back!!! :)

  3. That is pretty funny. It looks like you shrunk it in the dryer. lol!!