The Sequel

Oh rapture!  The feelings of joy that come from the realization that we have officially settled in Sao Paulo and are here to stay! :)  Isn't it amazing what a little TLC can do for an apartment?!  And just in time for Christmas too.. it makes me giddy just thinking about it! :)

This little room off the kitchen was mystifying to us.. we had no idea what to do with it!  But when our furniture arrived and we realized our dresser wouldn't fit in our bedroom, and the TV was a bit too large to hang on the wall, we started experimenting, and both pieces seemed to be practically made for this spot!  It's fantastic to be able to cook dinner and let the kiddos watch a flick literally right next to me, but out of the way as well. :)
A special room for all of their toys = one happy mom!
Miss B's room.
Strategically placed bunk beds in the boys' room - blocking access to the bathroom which is now being used for storage, and the balcony (which had been used for a car catapult..).
Princess P's room/nursery. It's a little snug, but it works!  The big bed is blocking access to her bathroom as well which we are also using for storage. :)
Our room. :)
It is such a HUGE blessing to have familiar things in an unfamiliar world.  It makes Brazil feel that much more like home!  It's so wonderful to feel settled again.. :)


  1. Wooooow. Your apartment looks sooooo nice! Makes me want to come to Brazil :)

    I'm so happy you have your stuff. Definitely makes it feel more like home!

  2. Thanks Paige! :) You definitely have aplace to stay if you want to come! ;)

  3. SO Exciting!! Thanks for updating all of us with your exciting news. Everything looks so nice. I can't imagine how nice it would be to have it all after not for so long. I bet it's nice having a little color in the house now that all of the white furnishings are gone :)

  4. Did you paint? Or am I just not remembering things right? I thought all of your walls were white??

  5. NOPE ;) We left the walls the way they were.. paint here is expensive, and I'm too cheap! lol