Free to good home

Free to good home:
Two year old boy with a passion for all things energetic. Comes from great breeding lines - he is in excellent health and has phenomenal strength for his age! Has a smile that will knock you off your feet and loves to cuddle when he isn't in "fast paced" mode. Shows great interest in interior design. However, he is in need of full time training on determining market needs and customer satisfaction for design services...
This little guy has no need of being constantly entertained.. he provides dinner and a show all by himself! *Constant supervision is recommended. Potty breaks, showers, mending to other children or household duties may not produce desired results in this full time training process.

Terms of sale:
-Must have a full time supply of pacifiers (aka "binks") on hand as he is rarely seen without.
-If he is sitting still for a period of time longer than a Disney movie, chances are he is sick - take him to the hospital IMMEDIATELY!
-Must be fed at least 10 times a day. Keep a large supply of food with you at all times just in case.
-He loves to be read to, but do not leave him unattended with any books that you would like to read again at a later date, unless you enjoy impromptu jigsaw puzzles.
Last but not least, he MUST be returned once training is complete (we estimate he will have full understanding of basic principles by the age of 8).
Disclaimer: We LOVE Sir L and although at times tempting, we would never let him decorate anyone else's home other than our own (at least not intentionally!). This post is for memories sake only. PLEASE do not use it to call child protection services.. though parent protection services may want to hear our story.. ;P

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  1. Oh my gosh that was too funny...Landon is such a busy boy, that's is why you have children when you are young so that you can keep up with them!! Thank you for the am laugh :) Love and Miss you all!!