Ready? Aim. FIRE!!! ...oops...

Once upon a time we had a little girl who potty trained herself two weeks before her second birthday. No reminders were needed, no stickers or prize buckets. Just some princess underwear and a john and she took care of the rest! Then we were blessed with boys.. boys with boy parts.. boy parts that well, need more practice on their aim!

My favorite is Landon's poor facial expressions. "Dude.. what'd I ever do to you?! So NOT cool bro.." LOL ;)
Just in case you were wondering what happened...
The moral of the story? Steer clear from the line of fire!!! LOL :)


  1. That just made my day! IT'S SO TRUE! I love both of their faces, Hunter's . . . well you shouldn't have been standing there. And poor Landon's is priceless. The joys of potty training :)

  2. I guess I have something to look forward to then! I will soon have 2 boys as well! I'm kinda scared for the whole potty training thing and told Tim that it's going to be his job since he's a guy and can teach them how to work the "equipment". Ha!
    Thanks for the laugh! Your kids are too cute!