Brazilian Dads Unite!

While in transition, Hottie Hubster found himself in Brazil, and us in Utah during Father's Day this year.  It was SO hard for me to celebrate without him!  Brazil heard of my tears and told me not to worry.. TODAY IS FATHER'S DAY!!! :) 

Honestly, I am SO stoked about this!  We got to give the man of the house breakfast in bed, the kids made crafts at school for him, and I got to give him a few things too.  Father's day is MUCH better in person!  THANK YOU BRAZIL!!! :)
*Apparantly you're supposed to have your flash on in our room.. sorry about the poor quality shots. :(  This is a die cast Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe (for those of you that speak car), that I got him for his office.  Crazy car loving man that he is! ;)
What a fun day it's been so far spoiling this beloved man of ours!  I have yet to meet such an awesome husband and father.  I LOVE YOU B!!! ;)

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  1. CUTE! Happy Father's Day. I love reading your adventures on your other blog!

    PS I LOVE the pic where Hunter is eye-balling the plate of food. LOL. Cute bunch you have there Erin!