Birthday Boy

My little man is not so little anymore! Mr H turned FOUR this past Monday and I'd be lying if I said my heart didn't skipped a few beats.. The day started with breakfast in bed (OF COURSE!), and sweet Hunter was more than happy to share with everyone (no surprise there!). :)
We had to give him SOMETHING to start the day off right.. he was ecstatic to see more cars to play with!
When he mentioned a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, I was all over it as chocolate is in short supply here! So we happily broke into our "emergency supply" that we brought over from the states. :)
Then it was time for the unwrapping of the gifts.. accept since we don't have any wrapping paper yet we were forced to get creative and made due with blankets. :) He didn't seem to mind.. lets be honest, it's what's in them that his sights were set on! He was spoiled with books, popsicle molds, "orange" clothes (it's the color of the year you know!), and giant soft play dinosaurs. All this made for one HAPPY birthday boy!!!
Of course he got the family hook up too while we were visiting in Utah last month. He asked for a specific party for the first time so of course we HAD to do it! The theme was... ORANGE. Orange cake, orange balloons, orange, food, even "orange water". Of course we also added the world's largest orange silly string fight (36 cans of silly string!), and an orange water balloon fight too! It was great to see everyone, and Mr H got spoiled royally! :)

Here's the little flirt with his Aunt Tawna:
Miss B and Grandma R at the orange buffet table :) It was hard coming up with an orange menu.. we had macaroni & cheese, chicken nuggets, carrots and dip, cheese balls, cantaloupe & tang.
Grandma R made the fantastic orange dinosaur cake! THANKS GRANDMA!!! :)
There was plenty of love to go around :)
All in all, I think it's safe to say he had a GREAT birthday! I am so thankful for this little man in my life. Always ready to give a compliment, a kiss, and a flower, he will someday make one special lady VERY happy.. right now I'm just happy that lady is me! :) LOVE YOU BUD!!!

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  1. AWWWW so fun!! I love the pics and your story telling. What a sweet journal entry! I've been thinking about you..... I'm not good at blog checking but had to make a special note to do it. Hope you are well!! :)