"Bailey's Blossoms"

So after being ridiculously jealous of my new little niece's adorable hair-wear, I decided to start making some myself for Bailey. My cousin Brandi and I went to town last night and we had SO much fun making these cute little hair flower clips that I'm thinking of starting up a website to sell them! I know, I know.. like I really need one more thing to do right?? What can I say - it's a BLAST!!!:) ...and Brandon would never forgive me for the money I've spent if I didn't at least attempt to make some of it back!:)


  1. Those are so cute! I learned how to make some at the Super Saturday so maybe we can get together sometime and make bows :)

  2. YOU SO NEED TO TEACH ME HOW TO MAKE THOSE!! They are so flippin cute!!

  3. I just started making some flower clips myself for Hailey just a few weeks ago! Good job getting a website together! They are adorable!