Dancing Baby

Brace yourself, it's confession time:  I LOVE music with soul.  Especially Gospel and Latin music!  I don't know why, but it is a very sad and select few of us pasty white folk who know how to put so much passion into music.  I literally cried when Fantasia won American Idol and sang the song "I Believe" with such incredible emotion!  I still get butterflies when I listen to it. 

There is a rich skinned wannabe just itching to burst free underneath all this pinkness!  But for some reason, when I try to set my inner soul sista free, I feel like I'm 5 years old playing dress up again, and then comes the sad realization that it's all just pretend. :(  They can sing like I can only dream of, and my word can they move!  Being in Brazil, I feel like there is hope for us yet.. at least little Princess P is picking up on some of the moves! *Oh, and I was parked in case you were contemplating freaking out.. ;)

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