Celebration of the World

Okay, I've been putting this off long enough.  I guess my subconscious was slightly worried that writing about it would take as much effort as preparing for it.. 

This year, for the schools' "Celebration of the World" PTA fundraising event, I took on the task of being the country coordinator for the grand ole US of A!  Each of the 26 represented countries at the event were to choose a theme to decorate their booth, and provide food for a minimum of 1,000 people (more than 1,800 came).  I chose the theme of Hollywood, and my word was it FUN!!!  A lot of work I'll admit, but an absolute blast!:)
In order to make it happen, I asked for donations (time, monetary, carting goods back from the States, etc) from each of the American families at the school.  A wonderful amount of people stepped forward to help make it happen, and they were each famous for a day with their names on our Walk of Fame stars that lined the red carpet at our booth. :) 
We served hour duerves (or however you spell it) to go with our theme: sausages on toothpicks, cheese and grapes, crackers with spread and bite sized cookies.
Did I mention that I personally baked about 2,000 cookies (and possibly gained 10lbs?!).. yeah.. good times. http://minutesformama.blogspot.com/2012/03/sugar-rush.html
I couldn't have pulled it off with my fortress of lovely volunteers!  THANKS LADIES!!!
..and of course it wouldn't have been a red carpet event without our lovely celebs!
But the best part? DEFINITELY seeing my sweet kids walk the red carpet!  That was a priceless mommy moment indeed! :)
It was truly such an amazing event with an abundance of culture!  The booths were AMAZING!  The food was superb and there was even some great entertainment and bouncers for the kids to play on. :)
Each country was able to create a basket to raffle off.  The entire event is PTA sponsored and the biggest fundraiser of the year.  these babies are a huge part of bringing in the big money.  All items within them are donated by parents, and then the tickets were purchased for R$5/each for a shot to take one home.. GENIUS!  This was the USA's basket:
Each classroom was teamed up with another and asked to put together a basket too.  As I am room mom for my kids' classes, I was able to help coordinate this "Wet n' Wild" themed basket as well!
Overall, the day was a LOT of work, but worth every effort!  If no one steps up to the plate next year, I just might do it again! ;)


  1. You seriously amaze me. I hope someday I can be as creative and seriously productive as you! Looks like a great presentation. And yummy cookies!

  2. You are so sweet Kami! :D Thanks for making my night!